Welcome to Tanglewood Middle School! (2023)

Honor Roll Ceremony

Join us in celebrating via Facebook Live

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Honor Roll Ceremony - Thursday, February 16th, @ 8:45 a.m.

Parent Lunch Date Policy

Parents are allowed to eat lunch with their child. You must notify the school the day before. Adult lunches are $4.81 plus tax. Parents can buy their lunch in the school cafeteria. Parents may not bringoutside food to the school.

Los padres pueden almorzar con sus hijos/as. Pero ustedes deben notificar a la escuela el día anterior. Los almuerzos para adultos cuestan $4.81 mas elimpuesto. Los padres pueden comprar su almuerzo en la cafetería de la escuela, no se permite traer comida a la escuela.

Celebrate Your 8th Grader in the 2022-23 Yearbook

Yearbook recognition ads are now on sale!
Orders for ads are due by Feb. 16, 2023.
1/4 page ads are $35

Order Your Yearbook Recognition Ad!

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2022-2023 Yearbooks Now on Sale

Pre-Order your 2022-2023 yearbook today!

Yearbooks are only $25.
Pay here at the school in the front office or to Mrs. Bayne.
Online ordering will also be available at jostensyearbooks.com.
Make sure to order by February 28th to guarantee your copy on distribution day!

Black History Month Trivia Google Form

Black History Month Trivia Google Form

Spring Fest

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Tanglewood Beta Club Presents

Please join Tanglewood Beta Club in hosting a school-wide service project!

The Jr. Beta Club will be collecting canned goods for Washington Avenue Baptist Church and Long Branch Baptist Church Food Banks. We are asking that each homeroom collect canned goods. We encourage all students to participate. Classes have the opportunity to receive the following incentives:

(Video) TMS Virtual Tour 2020-21

Black History Box Decorating Contest
Each HR decorates a box (any size: shoe box, cereal box,etc)
Winning HR will receive a Pizza Party!

Food Drive Contest
Each HR collects items for the food drive on a daily basis (Month Feb 1- Feb 24)
The participating HR from each grade level collecting the most eligible food items will receive a Doughnut Party on Feb 28th.

TMS 2023 ACCESS Testing Schedule

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Tanglewood Title I Parent & Family Needs Assessment

Tanglewood Middle qualifies to receive Title I funds for the 2022-2023 school year.
These Federal funds help provide much needed services to your child, including
reduced class sizes and specialized educational programs.
As we plan for the 2023-2024 budget, we want to ask parents/family members
what you think is important.
Please complete the survey. Thank you for your feedback and support.

Survey in English

Tanglewood Middle califica para recibir fondos de Titulo I para el año escolar del 2022-2023.
Estos fondos federales nos ayudaran a proveer servicios necesarios para sus niños, incluyen
reducir el numero de estudiantes por clase y especialmente programas educativos.
A medida que planificamos para el presupuesto 2023-2024, queremos preguntarles a los padres
qué piensan que es importante.
Por favor complete la encuesta de abajo y devuelva esta al maestro
de su niño o use el código QR a continuación para realizar la encuesta digitalmente.
Gracias por sus respuestas y su apoyo.

Survey in Spanish

Spring Sports

Girls soccer conditioning will start Wednesday (1/23) and will be

Mondays through Thursdays until 5:30.

Softball will begin conditioning on Monday, January 23rd.

All spring sport tryouts will be the week of February 13th.

Acondicionamiento de fútbol femenino comenzará el miércoles (1/23) y será

lunes a jueves hasta las 5:30.

(Video) Greenville Drive Players Welcome Tanglewood Middle School Students

Softball empezará el lunes, 23 de enero.

Todas las pruebas de primavera serán la semana del 13 de febrero.

Baseball Conditioning

Baseball conditioning will start next Tuesday, 1/10 from 4-5:30. Conditioning willbe on Tuesdays and Thursdays until Monday, 2/13 when baseball tryouts happen. Youneed to wear shorts/pants (not jeans) and either long sleeve shirts or short sleeve shirts. If youhave cleats, pleasebring those with youor we can provide them as well. You must have aphysical in before 2/13 and cannot participate in conditioning until you have a physical turned into Coach Spence.

Introducing WICOR Wednesdays


Students click the link on our website, and fill out the form if you saw your teacher
using a WICOR Strategy on a Wednesday!

WICOR stands for Writing, Inquiry, Communication, Organization, or Reading.

If you are in a class and you see a teacher incorporating one of these things in your class,
fill out this form.

Because you are filling out this form, your name will be entered into a
drawing for prizes! The more forms you fill out for different teachers,
the more chances you have to win!

WICOR Wednesday Form

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Foundation Awards TMS $10k

Tanglwood would like to thank The DJ Jones Foundation for presenting us with a $10,000 donation
to support student achievement, anti-bullying and general school needs.

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Policy Change

Queridos padres/Tutores si sus estudiantes van en el bus escolar a su casa y un dia usted quiere recogerlos en carro, debe llamar a la escuelaantes de las 3:00 pm. No se harán cambios después de esta hora.

(Video) Thanksgiving Meals given out at Tanglewood Middle

Dear parents/guardians, if your students ride the school bus home and one day you want to pick them up by car, you must call the schoolbefore 3:00 pm.No changes will be made after this time.

Early Dismissal

To pick up your child for an early dismissal, please send a notewith your child the morning of. Include the pick-up time, your name and phone number. This will allow your child to be sitting in the front office when you come.

Pararecoger a su estudiante para que salgatemprano, envíeuna nota con el estudiante en la mañana del día que lo recogerá, incluyendo lahora que usted vendrá,su nombre y número de teléfono. Esto permitirá que su su hijo/a esté sentado en la oficina principal cuando venga.

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Tanglewood Middle Student Dress Code

Parents we need your support to ensure students are appropriately dressed for school. Students should not wear the following items to school:

  • Holes in Pants - take a pic if you are unsure and show it to an administrator before wearing it.
  • Form fitting outfits
  • bandannas
  • Profanity or Inappropriate symbols on clothing

Students should also keep their pants at waist level. No undergarments should be visible.

************Students can wear Crocs*************

Tardy Protocol

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Students arriving after 8:30 AM must be walked into the building and signed in by a parent or guardian. After 3 tardies students may receive disciplinary action.

District Calendar for Students and Parents

The new school year calendar is now here for your use. Feel free to download and place on your refrigerator, office, etc.

2022-23 Calendar

2022-23 Student Supply List

Greetings Tanglewood Family, Attached is our new supply list. Most of what students need will be supplied here, but the list attached provided a few things that students will need. Small earpods are an essential to ensure students can listen to media as needed. Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you August 15, 2022.

2022-23 Student Supply List

(Video) Tanglewood Middle School receives $10,000 donation from DJ Jones Foundation

Parent Alert and Awareness

Welcome to Tanglewood Middle School! (8)

Welcome to Tanglewood Middle School! (9)Welcome to Tanglewood Middle School! (10)Welcome to Tanglewood Middle School! (11)Welcome to Tanglewood Middle School! (12)Welcome to Tanglewood Middle School! (13)

Social media and peer pressure, have definitely increased the challenges that our students between the ages of 11-14 face. Middle school can be tough due to this.

However, at Tanglewood, we have procedures and protocols in place to maintain a safe, secure and sound environment for your child.

To help us continue moving in this direction, please be aware that kids in middle school all over the country are confronted with experimenting with Vaping, Edibles, and Cigarettes. Further, they are also tempted and dared to get involved with taping fights, bullying and sending inappropriate pics, messages and videos to one another. We need you to continue to talk with your children about these issues frequently. Peer pressure is real, but parental involvement and engagement will minimize peer pressure significantly. If you need support as a parent in dealing with any of these issues please call us, we can point you to great resources.

We must all work as a team to keep our kids safe, sound and secure. Due to our commitment to safety and a healthy environment, we have zero tolerance for:

  • Bullying
  • Fighting
  • Drugs
  • Vaping

At Tanglewood we are working diligently to ensure that every student that attends our school has the best opportunity to learn, have fun, make friends and make wonderful memories. Join us in this effort to keep our kids safe and aware. Please talk with them about the dangers and consequences of these activities.

Tanglewood Student Enrollment

How do I enroll my child at Tanglewood Middle School?

Please contact Mrs. Hinrichs at 864-355-4515 or shinrichs@greenville.k12.sc.usto set up an appointment. At this time, we are only enrolling by means of appointments due to COVID-19. We are excited that we are your school of choice, and look forward to serving your educational needs.

New Students to the District: 2 Proofs of Residency (utility bills, mortgage receipts, residential tax statements), The last report card, Parent ID, Birth Certificate

Transfers: 2 Proofs of Residency (utility bills, mortgage receipts, residential tax statements), Parent;s ID

Returning to the District: 2 Proofs of Residency (utility bills, mortgage receipts, residential tax statements), Parents ID

Transportation Form - English and Spanish

(Video) Party at the House - Tanglewood Middle


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