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The Tampa Bay Brewing Company is a great place to try some of Tampa’s most popular craft beers. This famous pub and restaurant in the heart of the local brewing sector offers an excellent assortment of in-house beers, including the famed Old Elephant Foot IPA. The pub food shown here is also excellent. But it’s not all pubs and clubs! Take a stroll down 7th Avenue to see the tattoo parlors, buy a memento, unwind with a Hookah pipe, or fill your hunger at late-night pizza establishments.

Tampa Bay Brewing Company

The Best Most Fun Bars in Ybor City [2023 March Update] (1)

Tampa Bay Brewing Company is a Spacious brick-walled brewpub with seasonal selections, classic bar food & outdoor seating. People come here for an excellent selection of beers. Reef donkey, Old American foot, Double coast beer, and Gourds gone wild are among the most popular. You won’t get this kind of beer anywhere else, and it’s all house-brewed. Customers enjoy the meals here as well. Pizzas, calzones, and burgers make fantastic finger food with the uninterrupted beer at this drinking spot. Their first brewery is located in the center of historic Ybor City, only steps from the TECO streetcar line and just minutes from downtown Tampa and Seminole Heights. A 10BBL brewhouse, 24 continually rotating taps, a full-service cuisine specializing in beer-infused food, and a huge outdoor terrace and bar are all available on-site.

Florida’s oldest Brewpub in the heart of Ybor! They specialize in superb beer, delectable food, and exceptional service. See what all the hype is about! An authentic gastropub, all of their food and beer are freshly made in-house with quality LOCAL ingredients when available. Nothing pre-made or frozen here! They have the only outside patio in Ybor City where you can have a great beer with your pooch while getting full service from their food menu. They brew flavorful and hop-centric IPAs, APAs, expressive sours, and juicy, fruit-forward Florida-Weisse. You will find a constant rotation of pilot and seasonal releases at their two taprooms, plus year-round favorites. Their brews are offered at premium craft beer outlets around Florida. Outside their home state, their beers are only accessible in minimal quantities in metro Boston and France.

Tampa Bay Brewing Company is Florida’s first and most prestigious craft brewery. TBBC opened after the last “Microbrew” boom. Our concept was and still is simple: make beer that we like to drink! Fortunately, there were enough like-minded individuals around to assist our attempt. Today, TBBC flourishes in Tampa, Florida’s remarkable brewing scene, originally home to only two breweries. They were lonely back then! They currently operate a Ybor Brewpub and a Production Brewery in the northern part of Tampa. They are gradually expanding distribution with the ultimate objective of becoming a Florida-only brand with the ambitious concept of Beer Crafted for the Florida Lifestyle. Cheers! So, this is one of the best bars and breweries Ybor City has to offer you! If you are in the city, we highly recommend visiting this spot!

The Bad Monkey

The Best Most Fun Bars in Ybor City [2023 March Update] (2)

The Bad Monkey is a lively, military-themed bar offering weekday happy hour, local beer on tap, sports on the TV & a patio. So, this place is a drift from the fine dining and high-end options. But it is unlimited fun at Bad monkey with bowling, gaming, drinking, and plenty of eating. During happy hours until 5:30, draft beer is available at as low as 3 dollars. The beer pairs perfectly well with their juicy burgers, Buffalo wings, hot dogs, and nachos. The bartenders are extremely friendly, and a good tie with friends is guaranteed. The Bad Monkey is a military-themed tavern serving superb pub fare, house drinks, and local beer brewers. The lively decor is highlighted by flat-screen TVs broadcasting the season’s sporting events and is located in the center of Ybor City.

Customers may enjoy 12 beers on tap, a darts game, a gigantic Jenga game, and pool tables. The upstairs portion contains loft-style seating, and the front half of the bar has an open layout that allows for a breeze during Florida’s many mild nights. The Bad Monkey Bar honors people who have served their nation and community. When you see six full-sized 105 mm artillery shells on the bar with craft beer taps poking out of them and a full-sized “Flying Tigers” P-40 Warhawk bursting through the wall overhead, you’ll know you’ve arrived. Pay-as-you-pour taps may be “owned” for the night, and you can travel upstairs to the VIP Lounge to play billiards or relax in our outside “Back Monkey” Patio Bar.

With 17 televisions, this is a great place to watch sports and host watch parties. If you become hungry, order from our pub food menu (all selections are $10). They have 12 beers on tap, including locally made favorites and a premium well, and they have the most excellent Happy Hour in Ybor. We welcome cigars and provide handcrafted house cigars manufactured right here in Ybor City. Our main bar features a premium well and 12 popular and local craft brews pouring from 105mm howitzer shells in the bar’s center. Our variety of premium liquor is unrivaled. Inquire with the bartender about our goods, which includes a variety of ordinary “bling” and unique event t-shirts, hats, and koozies, as well as hand-rolled cigars rolled by Yanko a block away. If you’re hungry, order from our pub food menu – all things are $10.

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The Castle

The Best Most Fun Bars in Ybor City [2023 March Update] (3)

The Castle is a multilevel bar and dance club with music from new wave to pop & a crowd dressed from Goth to fetish. The Castle is one of Ybor City’s best and most iconic venues, serving as a bar and a nightclub. The population is broad and eclectic, and guests are encouraged to dress up for several themed nights, with an exciting theme each day. The music is equally diverse, ranging from goth and indie to alternative and mainstream. The décor of the Castle is dungeon-like, gloomy, and industrial. It offers various rooms and is highly welcoming to LGBT people. The Castle offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The Castle opened its doors on Guavaween in 1992 as a tiny tavern with a clear purpose: to build a terrific spot that all of our friends would want to visit.

It didn’t hurt to include the notion of solid cocktails from a wide variety of single malt scotches, small batch bourbon, aged tequila, and an eclectic blend of beers from across the world. For a few years, a killer jukebox provided the music before Djs were hired to liven up the different genres that the Castle nobility desired. Since then, there have been numerous changes, but the aims remain the same. This is the BEST Dance Club in Ybor City! FRIDAYS @ The Castle are Upstairs: MIDNIGHT MASS. The cover is $10 for 21+ and $12 for 18-20. There is Gothic & Industrial Dance. Hosts: DJs Tom Gold and Sean rotate out every hour. This night made the Castle famous and defined who they are, and it has been running for almost 25 years. Synthpop and Industrial/Goth/EBM/Electro/Noise.

A little of the old and a little of the modern. Requests are always appreciated. BLASPHEMY with Alternative Music Videos, downstairs on the terrace DJ Jason Barco is the host. Jason Barco performs all the jams you can think of before passing out. Saturdays at The Castle, on the other hand, are Upstairs: AFTER DARK COMMUNION. The cover is $10 for those aged 21 and over and $12 for those aged 18 to 20. There is a Gothic & Industrial Dance with Host DJ Tom Gold. Industrial/Goth/EBM/Electro/Noise and Synthpop. Downstairs: CARPE NOCTEM – SEIZE THE NIGHT. Gothic & Industrial Dance with Host: DJ Sean. Come dance with them under the stars! The Patio is also designated for smoking! So, this is one of the most fun bars Ybor City has to offer!

Coyote Ugly Saloon

The Best Most Fun Bars in Ybor City [2023 March Update] (4)The Coyote Ugly Saloon is an outpost of a festive saloon chain with female bartenders, bartop dancing & body shots. The Coyote Ugly Saloon is a bustling hotspot with a lively atmosphere that invites visitors to dance and drink the night away. The crew shows off their abilities as they line dance for hours on top of the bar, inviting customers to join in on the fun. Come get your cowboy on at this one-of-a-kind pub with a terrific atmosphere. Here the sexy bartenders are quick to hop up on the bar and perform while still managing to drink their patrons under the table. Drink specials throughout the week and unparalleled entertainment make Coyote Ugly Saloon not just a bar but a must-see destination in Ybor City. With a clientele as diverse as its selection of American whiskeys, Coyote Ugly Saloon has something to offer everyone.

This venue was Established in 1993. Strong drinks, sexy bartenders, and all the boot-stompin’ fun you can handle! Don’t just get drunk. Get UGLY! It was a friendly vibe for $5 to enter—pool tables, beer pong, excellent drinks, etc. The DJ was great! He played a lot of different music, and his mixes were lit. We had a great time. And ladies get free shots for dancing at the bar! The girls were super friendly there. I definitely would recommend it for a nice vibe and time! It was fun. So, I loved it, honestly. It’s all ages 21-40. The bartenders are beautiful and so lovely, and the Bouncers do an excellent job and are always walking around making sure everyone is ok and not getting too crazy. Definitely an excellent place to go to have some fun.

Former bartender Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about her experiences at the Coyote Ugly Saloon in GQ magazine in 1997 in “The Muse of the Coyote Ugly Saloon.” Jerry Bruckheimer’s business purchased the rights to the tale from Lovell, and he made the film Coyote Ugly based on the piece. The film was shot on a Los Angeles set, with exteriors in Manhattan. Coyote Ugly premiered in August 2000, starring Maria Bello as Lovell and Piper Perabo as a New York City wannabe musician who becomes the newest “Coyote.” It made almost US$110 million globally. So, this is one of the best and most fun bars Ybor City has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend this spot!

Gaspar’s Grotto

The Best Most Fun Bars in Ybor City [2023 March Update] (5)

Gaspar’s Grotto is a festive, pirate-themed hangout with Latin grub, live music, drink specials & an outdoor lounge. Gaspar’s Grotto is one of Ybor City’s most popular bars. The bar has three distinct huge sections and an outdoor terrace called the Galley. They have live music, fantastic drink promotions, and a diverse menu serving traditional American food. So, order the legendary $2 shot and beer and stick around for the weekly karaoke or quiz nights. Gaspar’s Grotto goes all out for brunch on Sundays, with a complete buffet, a Bloody Mary bar, and an infinite supply of mimosas. It’s time to celebrate like a pirate! This pirate-themed bar/restaurant is a party dream-goer. You could spend the entire evening here and not get bored. So, there is live music, ample seating, an outside area, and a dance floor.

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It’s not as noisy as a nightclub but more relaxed and enjoyable. Choose a quesadilla from their various options, such as pulled pork, crab, and shrimp. The chicken wings with ranch and Korean barbecue sauce are highly recommended. A special bottle lounge is also available for VIP guest tickets. Locals dine and drink at this pirate-themed tavern and eatery. There is no way to enjoy more pleasure for less money. Try their two-for-five-dollar shot and beer deal. Local cuisine, including Cuban sandwiches and devil crabs, has won awards—delicious roasted pork with black beans and rice. Live music is always available. Tampa’s Best Sunday Brunch Come try them out!! Ring the world’s largest tip bell, almost 120 years old, while you’re here. All proceeds from the ringing of the bell go to Southeastern Guide Dogs.

This wonderful Tampa-based organization provides freedom and hope to people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children with significant challenges. Gaspar’s Grotto was designed by a Merchant Marine Ship Master who traveled the world and spent many productive hours researching the world’s top bars. This is one of those rare spots where EVERYONE feels at ease. That was the mission, and it was completed. We are advocates for consuming alcoholic drinks, eating world-class cuisine, music, togetherness, fellowship, and good times. Gaspar’s Grotto is also a well-known local icon deeply embedded in our town’s fabric. Over the past 20 years, they have used the facility to earn more than $12 million for a local charity. Today, people can choose to ring the massive “World’s Largest Tip Bell” for a nominal donation.


The Best Most Fun Bars in Ybor City [2023 March Update] (6)

Crowbar is an edgy downtown nightclub & beer garden featuring live music, DJs & weekly special events. Crowbar is the best place to unwind and explore new music while sipping a chilled drink. Because of its small size, the pub has an intimate and private vibe, yet it attracts an incredible selection of up-and-coming musical performers; they are always on the lookout for local, national, and international bands and singers. Every night, the music varies; clients may hear anything from jazz to ska music to metal to reggae. Crowbar’s superb bar service is reasonably priced and serves some delicious American fare. It also has a peaceful outside terrace and a pool table. The Crowbar is a live music and special events facility in Ybor City-Tampa.

It is Open 7 nights a week / The Crow’s Nest beer garden hosts numerous weekly events, including Karaoke on Mondays, All Good Tuesdays, DaCypher Wednesdays, and Ol Dirty Sundays!” Thursday-Saturday nights are typically reserved for shows, with a regular performer on Tuesdays and a Hip-Hop open mic on Wednesdays. Depending on the occasion, shows might be 18+ or all ages. Crowbar is an excellent place for live music. I’ve been here for three or four concerts and greatly liked each one. Because it isn’t as huge as The Ritz, I’ve primarily seen local or more minor acts here. However, small can be significant. It is a small arena with a nearly guaranteed fantastic view. They have an excellent sound system, great lighting, and comfortable nooks and crannies to hang out in.

I also love that they always have complimentary water and cups. I usually forget and purchase water bottles, but even those are reasonable ($2 each). The space has a lovely outdoor courtyard if you need fresh air or a quieter area to talk to friends. There is also a raised platform off to one side of the stage for an elevated view if that is your thing. There are generally a handful of seats around the venue, but not a lot within view of the stage. I like Crowbar a lot and will be back when a group I love performs here. So, this is one of the best bars Ybor city has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this spot with your family, friends, or loved ones! You will have a memorable and fun time!

The Ritz Ybor

The Best Most Fun Bars in Ybor City [2023 March Update] (7)

The Ritz Ybor was built in 1917 and recently underwent a $2 million restoration to become the outstanding establishment it is today. The Ritz has three rooms, a stately entryway, and a cutting-edge sound system. Despite its size, the facility maintains an intimate vibe and is regarded as one of the top live music and dancing venues in the Tampa Bay region. The Ritz Ybor is easily accessible while wandering down 7th Avenue because it is just near a parking garage. The checkerboard patterned tiles and the large chandelier hanging from the entrance add to this old structure’s great character and design. Tampa’s premier special events + live music venue, and home to Sunset Events’ weekly parties: Pound Fridays, Sunset Saturdays & Mischief Mondays.

The Ritz Ybor (formerly the Rivoli Theatre) is an events facility in Tampa, Florida’s historic Ybor City. The theatre opened in 1917 and served the burgeoning neighborhood’s Afro-Cuban minority. The facility has been used as a cinema, adult movie theatre, nightclub, and music venue. In 2008, the theatre was renovated and reopened as one of Tampa’s best live music and events venues. The venue has nearly 17,000 square feet (1,600 m2), three unique rooms, a grand entrance, full-service bars, a cutting-edge lighting system, and a caterers prep kitchen that enables licensed and insured outside catering. The three rooms inside the facility are the Royal Room, Rivoli Room, and Theatre Ballroom. A 25-by-44-foot (7.6 x 13.4 m) theatre stage is located in the Theatre Ballroom.

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The original terrazzo flooring, art deco mirrors, and wall sconces may be found in the Grand Foyer, which connects all three rooms. Ybor City was included in the National Register of Historic Places and the National Historic Landmark District in 1973 and 1989, respectively. So, this structure was mentioned as a contribution in both submissions. The Masquerade tenants were evicted in 2006. After a $2 million refurbishment, the building reopened on June 26, 2008, as The Ritz Ybor, special events, and live music venue. The structure sits in the middle of old Ybor City. The Ritz Ybor is located near the Channelside region, two to three miles from downtown Tampa and 15 minutes from Tampa International Airport. It is close to the Centro Ybor Entertainment Complex and the Ybor City Hillsborough County Community College campus. So, this is one of the best bars Ybor City has to offer you!

Bradley’s on 7th

The Best Most Fun Bars in Ybor City [2023 March Update] (8)

Bradley’s on 7th is a lively gay bar with a pool table, happy hours & live entertainment in a dimly-lit setting. This is the most exciting LGBTQ club in Ybor, where individuals from all walks of life come to interact and enjoy themselves. Every night, a determined spirit is present. Tuesdays are reserved for vodka shots, while Wednesdays are reserved for beer and tonic shots. Bradley’s has happy hour every day, where the same beverages are much less expensive. Thursday and Friday’s nights include drag acts with exceptional local talent such as Lady Janet. Bradley’s will give you a taste of an authentic Florida-style party. Start your day with them at Bradley’s on 7th’s Happy Hour featuring 241 EVERYTHING Monday – Friday 4 pm till 9 pm Saturday & Sunday 2 pm – 9 pm!

Their 7th Ave patio is open for people watching seven days a week, open till close! Bradley’s on 7th, come thirsty, leave happy, your place for Happy Hour! As always, NEVER A COVER! Bradley’s is a unique establishment. It has defrosted my icy lonely heart and established itself in my spirit. What a GOOGLY-MOOGLY night. What a location. If you decide to go to Bradley’s anytime soon, tell them Dav sent you. I’ll most likely be there, laughing heartily at the pub along the river. Say hello, and let’s share the joy of Bradley’s. Do you enjoy going to dive bars? Check! Do you have feelings towards homosexual people? Check again! Do you enjoy seeing drag shows? Do you smoke inside? Strong beverages/large pours? Bringing in goodies from outside? Dancing? Making friends with strangers in the restroom?

I can’t give you enough checks, googly-moogly! I enjoy coming here and getting wasted here. They have 2-4-1 on everything all day, every day till 9 pm. You receive a chip that you may use right now or save eternally until you accumulate enough points to gain a free day of drinking (sans tip, of course). The staff is fantastic, especially as you get to know them. This location has the potential to become your new home. Cheers. If you’re in Tampa or Ybor City and looking for a good time, head to Bradley’s and tell them Danie sent you. Come shout if you see me seated at the table around the corner from the tree immediately before the dance room. Oh. Did I mention there’s a river running through the center of the bar?

City Side Lounge

The Best Most Fun Bars in Ybor City [2023 March Update] (9)

City Side Lounge is an LGBT cocktail lounge with TVs & an outdoor area, plus billiards, karaoke & cabaret shows. So, this one is not a nightclub but an LGBTQ-friendly and promoting cocktail lounge in Ybor. The best event is spotlight Tuesday, featuring drag queens Conundrum and Sorcha Mercy. And Fridays, there are strip shows by men featuring Alejandro, Maxi, and James Cass. Everything is dedicated to the gay community. The cocktails and pizzas here are worth ordering while enjoying the shows. They specialize in servicing not just the Tampa Bay LGBT community but the whole Tampa Bay/St. The Petersburg area has quality wine, beer, and cocktails in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, fantastic drink specials, and unrivaled guest satisfaction. This bar was established in 1990. They are proud to say CONGRATS to City Side Lounge for being named the #1 gay bar in Tampa by Best Businesses of Tampa Bay.

They thank their loyal City Side patrons who helped make them stand above the rest over the years! City Side Lounge specializes in providing not just the Tampa Bay LGBT community but the whole Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area with quality wine, beer, and cocktails in a pleasant and relaxed setting, great drink deals, and unrivaled guest satisfaction. City Side is the place to go if you want to hang out in a small yet intimate LGBT pub. City Side is a fantastic nightclub and the top gay bar in South Tampa! Several bartenders are all nice, amusing, and kind. The new(er) owners are fantastic! D and Mike have breathed fresh life into this welcome homosexual establishment! Karaokes with Scott on Wednesdays and Saturdays are lovely! The show’s director, Jae Mya, is fantastic!

Her wit is snarky and catty, yet she is upbeat, sings, and has a television-worthy voice! (Oh, wait, she’s been on television several times!) There’s a free pool on Mondays, and if you’re looking for a pleasant patio, this restaurant boasts the most excellent gay bar patio in the neighborhood! At City Side, we always have a good time! There are usually fantastic beer specials and exciting people to watch. Pre-COVID Every night, there were events such as drag performances, bingo, and quizzes. They’ve also lately introduced food. During a BOGO Happy Hour, I ate a pepperoni pizza. City Side is a terrific place to start your night out, drink throughout the day, or conclude your evening!

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So you’re looking for the best place for a night out? There is no better place to be than Ybor City bars. Go bar and club hopping at one of Ybor City’s and Tampa Bay’s favorite towns, where you get a new experience every weekend! Check out our master guide on the best Ybor City bars, then let us know which spot you are going to visit this weekend! We hope that our list above is elaborate and detailed enough for you to get your pick. There are a lot of quality bars in Ybor city to have a great time!


What is the most busy bar night? ›

Thanksgiving Eve

Also called Black Wednesday, it's widely known as the busiest bar night of the year, due to the influx of out-of-towners and the start of a four-day weekend.

What is there to do in Ybor City at night? ›

Explore Ybor's vibrant nightlife: from laid-back lounges to high-energy dance clubs
  • Club Prana. Ybor City. ...
  • The Honey Pot. Ybor City. ...
  • The Ritz Ybor. Ybor City. ...
  • Gaspar's Grotto. Ybor City. ...
  • Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre. Ybor City. ...
  • Tampa Bay Brewing Company. Ybor City. ...
  • The Orpheum. Ybor City. ...
  • Rock Brothers Brewery & The Attic.

How do I spend a day in Ybor City? ›

How to Spend a Day in Ybor City
  1. Start your day in Ybor City with breakfast at La Segunda. ...
  2. Meet the wild chickens of Ybor. ...
  3. Ybor City Museum. ...
  4. Tour a casita during your day in Ybor City. ...
  5. Take a self-guided walking tour. ...
  6. Go to Cuba. ...
  7. Enjoy lunch at Columbia Restaurant during your day in Ybor City.
Jan 31, 2018

What is the popular street in Ybor City? ›

7th Avenue

The main street in Ybor City Historic District doesn't just peer into the neighborhood's past but at the modern history and culture of the Tampa Bay area. Also known as “La Setima,” 7th Avenue is lined with historic buildings, showcasing wrought-iron balconies and intricate tile designs.

What is the number 1 bar night of the year? ›

Thanksgiving Eve Is Traditionally the Busiest Bar Night of the Year.

What is the craziest bar night of the year? ›

It's Thanksgiving Eve, which means tonight is the busiest bar night of the year – at least, that's what national trends and traditions tend to tell us.

Can you walk around Ybor with alcohol? ›

What types of alcohol can I drink along the Riverwalk? All types – beer, wine and liquor, as long as it is in the specialty cup. No other containers are allowed in the Riverwalk open container area.

Can you drink on the street in Ybor City? ›

In Tampa, it is unlawful to possess an open container upon any street, sidewalk, alley or public property.

Is Ybor City a party town? ›

With 7th Avenue, Ybor City is also famous for being a nightclub and entertainment district. During the day, visitors can sip coffee at one of the sidewalk cafes and discover unique stores. If you plan to stay late, head to one of the trendy clubs like Tangra Nightclub, Club Prana, or Bradley's On the 7th.

What is special about Ybor City? ›

At the turn of the 20th century, nowhere in the United States was as famous for its cigars as Tampa's Ybor City, which was once known as the “Cigar Capital of the World.” The Ybor City Historic District is a National Historic Landmark located northeast of Tampa's downtown.

Is the Ybor streetcar free? ›

Enjoy all of the best restaurants and attractions that Downtown Tampa and Ybor City have to offer on the FREE TECO Line Streetcar!

What movie is based in Ybor City? ›

Based on the 2012 novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane, the film follows an ambitious Ybor City bootlegger (Affleck) who becomes a notorious gangster. The film also stars Elle Fanning, Brendan Gleeson, Chris Messina, Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldaña, and Chris Cooper.

Is Ybor walkable? ›

The Historic Ybor City section of Tampa has a Walk Score of 71, putting it in the top 10 most walkable areas in town. Residents and visitors can walk to quite a few conveniences, including locally owned shops, restaurants, bars, parks, and more.

Why is it called Ybor? ›

It was known first as “Mr. Ybor's City,” for Don Vincent Martinez Ybor, a Cuban cigar factory owner who established his cigar empire in Tampa in 1886 and never looked back.

What night is the biggest bar night? ›

Blackout Wednesday (also known as Drinksgiving) refers to binge drinking on the night before the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

What is the 2nd biggest bar night? ›

It's known by several names…”Blackout Wednesday”, “Drinksgiving”, “Thanksgiving Eve”, and more. The night is popular because very few people work on Thanksgiving, and most college students are home to celebrate the holiday with their families, so going out seems like the thing to do.

What is the most popular drinking night? ›

The night before Thanksgiving is widely known as the biggest drinking night of the year.

What day is the biggest bar day? ›

Biggest drinking days of the year. The top 5 explained
  • Christmas. It is no surprise that alcohol consumption increases during the holidays. ...
  • The Super Bowl. While this is not considered a holiday, it may as well be considering how many people treat it as one. ...
  • Fourth of July. ...
  • New Years Day. ...
  • The day before Thanksgiving.
Nov 22, 2022


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