The 4 Best Kawai Upright Piano Reviews for 2022 (2023)

In the world of upright pianos, Kawai is a household name, having earned their place through products. Their undisputed reputation is founded on their dedication and tireless pursuit of impeccable sound, performance, value, and elegance.

Over time, the brand has cemented its industrial presence and carved out a loyal niche due to its ability to create relevant and personalized upright pianos.

From beginners to professional pianists, its range of upright pianos is designed to align with your needs giving you memorable experiences. With Kawai upright pianos, you can rest assured you get value for your money regardless of your choice.

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4 Best Kawai Upright Piano On the Market

Why Choose Kawai Upright Piano?

Purchasing an upright piano is an investment that should never be discounted. Due to this, we believe the list below justifies why Kawai upright pianos are an excellent choice.

The 4 Best Kawai Upright Piano Reviews for 2022 (3)

1. Exceptional Quality

Kawai upright pianos are an ideal choice owing to the level of responsiveness and sound quality they offer a player. These features allowing beginners to comfortably interact with the instrument whilst seasoned players can consider them as a digital upright piano option without feeling constrained. Additionally, their tasteful design and exquisite finish, making an excellent conversation starter amongst guests.

In the last two decades, Kawai has earned recognition for both its service and product excellence due to its range of upright pianos being the fundamental component of its success. One such celebration of its quality is the four NMR Magazine, “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year.”

2. Cutting-Edge Technology

Kawai is committed to delivering the best musical experience not only for players but also for those listening. As such, it invests heavily in advanced technology such as carbon fiber, enabling it to maintain a consistent quality of sound and tangible emotion. This powerful combination has earned the brand its respect and loyalty amongst the elite class of pianists.

3. Commitment to Excellence

As one of the top choices for pianos in schools and amongst accomplished pianists, it is evident that Kawai knows its craft. With each element of design delicately handled and skillfully done, assembling the various parts is an intricate process.

Only the finest of material is chosen in the creation of each instrument to achieve the same level of perfection across its different products. The quest is affirmed further by the tireless efforts to advance maintained over three generations of family leadership. It, therefore, goes without saying that for Kawai, the assemblage is a commitment to excellence, not a mere task.

Yamaha Vs. Kawai Upright Piano

The 4 Best Kawai Upright Piano Reviews for 2022 (4)

When thinking of purchasing an upright piano, both Yamaha and Kawai tend to check several basic requirements. Often, however, Kawai stealing the show owing to its long history and endurance in the industry coupled with below reasons:

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1. Improved Stability

Owing to Kawai’s commitment to continuous development and improvement, its grand pianos are remarkably steady. Their decision to produce piano action components using ABS-Styran in place of wood having improved their standing in the piano industry.

The accuracy and unparalleled stability of their grand and upright pianos are pegged on their innovation of the Millennium III ABS- carbon Fiber action. This combination is the foundation of both strength and rigidity in the piano’s design.

2. Price Affordability

From a marketing perspective, Kawai can be described as being product-specific, meaning it concentrates on the production of a single commodity.

On the other hand, Yamaha has product diversification with its logo printed on products such as golf carts to motorcycles.

Following its single approach, Kawai has exploited every opportunity to perfect its skill, resulting in increased attentiveness and improved quality of its pianos. This single-mindedness has also enabled it to price its commodities reasonably, making them affordable to a higher percentage of the market.

Yamaha’s diversification has earned its market recognition thus, allowing them to charge a premium price for their commodities that only a specific market share can afford.

3. Tangible Feel and Tone

Compared to Yamaha, Kawai pianos are more accepted amongst seasoned pianists owing to their warmth, tangible feel, and tone quality. Its sound is clear and precise hence appealing to the ear either during extended periods of practice sessions or performances.

Additionally, players get to express themselves with much more ease due to the longer key sticks thus, enhancing the overall experience.

Top 4 Best Kawai Upright Piano Reviews

1. Best Overall -Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

The 4 Best Kawai Upright Piano Reviews for 2022 (5)


Brilliant features

  • Responsive key action
  • Great features for improving playing skills
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Exceptional design engineering
  • Beautiful finish

Watch out for

  • Large in size which restricts portability
  • Lacks an in-built synthesizer
(Video) Kawai K-300 AURES2 Hybrid Upright Piano | The Best Piano For You?

The CE220 is fitted with a Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound technology that has 88-key piano sampling that accord it an in-depth, realistic, and flawless piano sound.

Additionally, it is USB compatible, meaning you can record practice sessions or songs. This offers you flexibility such as monitoring your progress, playing the songs on other instruments, printing, and sharing with friends or a teacher via email.

Another significant feature is the Dual and Split modes that allow you to play two sounds simultaneously and different songs on either side of the piano at the same time. The special 4-Hands Mode is a perfect CE220 addition allowing for duets and provides excellent learning experience since it generates 2 similar 44-notes pianos keyboards.

Check the Price on Amazon

2. Runner Up -Kawai KDP-70 Digital Upright Piano

The 4 Best Kawai Upright Piano Reviews for 2022 (6)


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action keys for the excellent experience
  • Quality sound by using improved technology
  • In-built lesson songs for practice and skill development
  • Affordable price
  • Small in size hence fits any room

Watch out for

(Video) The BEST Pianos for Beginners in 2022

  • Lacks line outputs
  • Its amp output has a limited volume range

The KDP-70 Digital Upright Piano is a state-of-the-art piano at a budget-friendly price. With its full 88-Keys Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC) keyboard action, it replicates the quality and texture of the acoustic piano, accentuating the ambiance within your home.

It also provides a broader spectrum for players to express themselves musically. The impressive Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds coupled with in-built Czerny etudes, Burg Müller, and Alfred lesson songs add to its world-class technology.

Another crucial feature is the realistic Grand Feel Pedal System fitted with half-pedal support that accords players a memorable playing experience. The 16 W stereo amplifier and speaker system and Harmonic Imaging sound technology further elevating a player’s interaction as either seasoned players or beginners.

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3. Best for Advanced Players -Kawai CA58 Upright Home Piano

The 4 Best Kawai Upright Piano Reviews for 2022 (7)


Brilliant features

  • Grand Feel Compact (GFC) key action that is sensitive to touch
  • Offers a greater key pivot length for playing to the back of the keys
  • Mimic the authenticity of an acoustic piano
  • Split mode for separating the keyboard

Watch out for

  • A bit expensive

The CA58 is an excellent fusion of the traditional piano charm and the mysteries of the digital world. It has managed to preserve its authenticity by retaining Shigeru Kawai SK-EX as its original acoustic sound.

As an 88-key digital home piano, its Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action is a representation of Kawai’s unrelinquished quest for perfection. Its strength and unquestionable sound system further supporting this pursuit.

(Video) 2019 Kawai K300 in Black Gloss @ The Piano Shop, Bath

Designed for the advanced player, it replicates an actual acoustic piano from the Harmonic Imaging XL technology and 256-note polyphony to its Ivory touch keys. Additional features include the preinstalled Alfred lessons and modes- Dual, Split, and 4-Hands that provide you with an excellent opportunity for continuous development to perfect your skill.

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4. Best Compact -Kawai KDP110 Upright Piano

The 4 Best Kawai Upright Piano Reviews for 2022 (8)


Brilliant features

  • Great for beginners and intermediate players
  • In-built lessons songs for practice
  • Touch-sensitive and hammer-action keys
  • Slim design for space-saving
  • 192-note polyphony

Watch out for

  • Not for advanced players

When it comes to value and performance, the Kawai KDP110 upright piano is the tool of choice. Its superior finish and delicate print, it has the power and poise to illuminate any space.

The responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action generates a realistic and clear acoustic piano sound for a memorable musical experience. This experience is elevated further by the 192-note polyphony and the Harmonic Imaging technology. It is the perfect duo for a flawless sound from a grand piano.

In case you are a beginner or an in-between, the KDP110 series is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills. The progression is facilitated by two great features, that is, the in-built Alfred lessons and the Dual and 4-Hands modes.

Check the Price on Amazon

(Video) Kawai KDP120 vs CN29 Digital Piano Comparison


Regardless of your level of experience, the Kawai family aims at meeting your needs. From an amateur to a seasoned pianist, with Kawai, you are destined to get a digital piano that matches your needs. It is committed towards customer satisfaction hence its investment in cutting-edge technology for a great experience.

Music ought to be a shared experience is a fact that Kawai holds in high regard. This is ideology is evidenced by its design elements of Dual, Split, and 4-Hands modes. These features allowing you and your partner to create a moment so special and tangible, you will forever cherish.

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