Mediterranean Odyssey Greece, Cyprus and Israel Westbound (Tauck-GIW2024) (2023)

Day 1: Arrive Tel Aviv / Jerusalem

Tour begins: 6:00 PM, David Citadel. A transfer is included from Israel's Ben Gurion Airport outside Tel Aviv to the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, overlooking the Old City. Your luxury hotel is ideally located, close to shops, cafes, and restaurants, and in walking distance of major sights, including the Western Wall. Settle in and join us this evening for a welcome reception followed by dinner at the hotel.

Overnight: David Citadel
Meals Included: D

Day 2: Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Begin the day with a walking tour of the Old City, including the Citadel and the Muslim Quarter, which includes many medieval Christian landmarks and churches; walk the Via Dolorosa, known to pilgrims as the path Christ followed on his way to the Crucifixion, with its 14 Stations of the Cross; visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built over the site where Christ's crucifixion, and burial are believed to have taken place. Travel to the Israel Museum in Nazareth to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. Then go on to Bethlehem for a tour of its famous sites, with local guides. Return to Jerusalem, where dinner is on your own tonight.

Overnight: David Citadel
Meals Included: B, L

Day 3: A day in Jerusalem

Start the day with an early morning visit to the Temple Mount, including the Dome of the Rock, the golden-domed blue mosque which is Jerusalem's most recognizable landmark; built in 691, the mosque is a masterpiece of Islamic architecture housing the sacred stone from which, Muslims believe, Mohammed ascended to heaven on his night journey. For Jews, the Temple Mount is hallowed as the site of Solomon's Temple, destroyed in 587 BC, and again in 70 AD; its last remaining structure, known as the Western Wall, is the most sacred site in Judaism; the courtyard beside it is an open air synagogue where pilgrims gather to pray, recite psalms, and leave written messages to God between the stones. Depart the quiet solemnity of the Western Wall Plaza for the boisterous Mahane Yehuda Market (The Shuk), where hundreds of vendors hawk everything from baked goods, specialty foods, fish, meat, cheeses and produce, to clothing and Judaica; enjoy free time to lunch on your own at one of the many cafes and restaurants. Then it's your choice of a visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum, or a walking tour of an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood and market.

Overnight: David Citadel
Meals Included: B, D

Day 4: Explore Haifa / Embark your Wind Star ship

Drive from Jerusalem to Haifa, where your ship awaits. En route, visit a kibbutz for a look at communal farm life, and stop for lunch at a local winery. Pause for a photo op at the stunning Bahai Gardens on Mount Carmel, also known as the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, 19 terraces of glorious floral displays overlooking the city. Arrive at the harbor and settle in aboard your Wind Star luxury yacht, Star Legend. Dine aboard ship this evening.

Overnight: Star Legend
Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 5: Choice of sightseeing in Akko or Galilee / Nazareth
Today you have a choice of excursions. Drive north to the medieval citadel at Akko (the Acre), a small strategic port that was once the gateway to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and a stronghold of the Knights Templar until they were besieged and defeated at the Battle of Acre in 1291. Explore Akko's warren of winding streets, alleys, tunnels, and subterranean Gothic chambers. Visit the awe-inspiring El-Jezzar Mosque built during the Ottoman era, gracing the harbor with its Byzantine dome and minaret. Proceed to Nazareth, where you'll meet Ghada, a local artisan who will give you a presentation on traditional handicrafts; you'll also visit the massive Church of the Annunciation, which houses a grotto said to be the place where Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel. Alternatively, you can drive from Haifa to the Sea of Galilee and visit sites where Jesus lived and preached, including Tabgha, on the northwest shore, where the miracle of the loaves and the fishes is said to have happened; and the Mount of Beatitudes, believed to be the site of the Sermon on the Mount. Dine aboard ship tonight.
Overnight: Star Legend
Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 6: Explore coastal Tel Aviv & Jaffa
Dock in Ashdod and drive to cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, known as the Mediterranean Capital of Cool, with miles of beach resorts and hotels, and an exciting cultural scene. Experience the vibrant city life along Rothschild Boulevard, and its parade of modernist, Bauhaus architecture. Visit the Museum of Jewish People; or tour the colorful, cobbled streets and alleys of Jaffa, the ancient port city; hunt for bargains in its small shops and flea market stalls; or discover culinary wonders at Sarona Market, Israel's largest gourmet emporium, with 91 shops, stalls, and restaurants under one roof. Return to the Star Legend for time at leisure, and begin your Greek island odyssey.
Overnight: Star Legend
Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 7: Cyprus, island of wine and antiquities
Cyprus has been making wine from its rare indigenous grapes for at least 6,000 years; its strong, dark Mavro wine was famous throughout the Ancient World; and because Cyprus escaped the phylloxera epidemic that ravaged nearly all the vineyards of Europe in the 19th Century, its native rootstocks are original to this day. Get a taste of the island's legendary viniculture at a winery in the village of Omodos. Or venture to the southwest coast to tour the hilltop ruins at Kourion; destroyed by an earthquake in 365 AD, the city's architecture spans the ages from Hellenistic to Roman to early Christian, and includes the remains of temples, private villas rich with mosaics, bath houses, stone streets, courtyards, sanctuaries, a stadium, a Christian basilica, and a restored amphitheater with breathtaking views of the sea. Or take a guided walking tour of medieval and Ottoman architecture in the Old Port at Limassol, which includes an imposing harborside fortress.
Overnight: Star Legend
Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 8: Enjoy a day at sea
Spend the day at leisure as you sail for Rhodes. Amenities aboard Star Legend include an elevated pool, two dining venues, a fitness area, beauty salon, spa, library, casino, cocktail lounge, and computer center. Or, just enjoy the sea views.
Overnight: Star Legend
Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 9: Special day and evening on the island of Rhodes
Rhodes was a maritime superpower and a center of fabulous wealth and culture before an earthquake in 226 BC toppled its Colossus and shook the city-state to its core. It remained in decline until the Middle Ages, when Knights of St. John, driven out of the Holy Land, captured Rhodes and rebuilt the capital. The walled medieval town they built is unchanged, a place out of time, and an enchanting maze of stone streets, residences, shops, and alleys, with beguiling architecture and beauty around every corner. Its centerpiece is the massive Palace of the Grand Master, a treasure-house of artifacts and mosaics. Take a guided walking tour of the Old Town, or explore the ruined city of Kamiros on the island's northwest shore; or visit the medieval monastery atop Fillerimos Hill, with panoramic views. Later, enjoy a special evening of Greek food and entertainment at a lavish venue, exclusively for Tauck guests.
Overnight: Star Legend
Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 10: The hub of the ancient world, Crete
Long before the Greeks arrived, Crete was settled by Bronze-age Minoans who established the first advanced civilization in Europe. Crete was the island hub of the Ancient World, and Heraklion, its capital city, is steeped in 5,000 years of history, culture, and mystery; experience its tapestry of architectural influences – Minoan, Hellenistic, Roman, Arabic, Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman ––on a guided walking tour of the Old Town. Or visit the Palace of Knossos, a Minoan masterpiece painted with vibrant colors and frescoes; Knossos, which once housed 1300 rooms, was the labyrinth of King Minos in Greek mythology, where Thesseus battled the Minotaur; bulls feature prominently in its wall art. Visit the city's Archaeological Museum, one of the most important museums in Europe for ancient Greek history, and the best in the world for Minoan art and artifacts. But apart from its history, Crete is a dreamy island of strikingly beautiful and diverse landscapes ––colorful seaside villages and cities, rocky lagoons, turquoise waters and golden beaches, snow-capped mountains, olive tree farms, palm forests, vineyards, castles, and monasteries –– graced by intoxicating Mediterranean breezes. Author Nikos Kanzantzakis (Zorba the Greek), who was born here, once wrote: "whoever sets foot on this island senses a mysterious force coursing warmly and beneficently through their veins,...their soul beginning to grow." Experience the island's famous cuisine and warm hospitality at a family winery, where the owners will give you a tour and talk about winemaking over a lunch of local specialties
Overnight: Star Legend
Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 11: Magical island of Mykonos
Arrive at Mykonos, Island of Winds, known for its resorts, beaches, fishing boats, and (naturally) windmills, many of them built by Venetians in the 18th Century. Take a ferry ride to the tiny island of Delos, mythological birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. Once the most sacred island in ancient Greece, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique archaeological significance. In its glory, Delos was "Europe's cradle," a compact powerhouse of commerce and culture whose religious, artistic, and architectural influences spread to all corners of the Continent. Today the entire island is an archaeological site teeming with ruins from the third millennium BC to the paleoChristian era, and a tour of its excavations is a mesmerizing walk back in time. Alternatively, discover the eclectic charms of Mykonos on a tour of the Old Port's cobbled streets. Visit a family farm for a taste of traditional rural life, as well as homemade bread and tzaziki. Lunch aboard the Star Legend, and spend time exploring Mykonos on your own. This evening, at a special event aboard ship, enjoy olive oil tastings with a master sommelier.
Overnight: Star Legend
Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 12: Disembark & explore Athens

In Athens, bid farewell to Star Legend, and set out on your choice of excursions. Enjoy a guided tour of the Acropolis, the citadel of temple ruins on a promontory high above the city; view the iconic Parthenon, the Erechtheon, the Propylaea, and the temple of Athena Nike; peruse the staggering wealth of archaeological treasures at the Acropolis Museum; then follow your guide down to Plaka, also known as the Neighborhood of the Gods, the city's oldest historic district; with narrow, pedestrian-friendly streets, tavernas, sidewalk cafes, jewelry shops, galleries, and pockets of ancient ruins, Plaka is an idyllic, colorful village made for strolling, dreaming, and time at leisure. Or begin the day with a motorcoach tour of city sights, including the Academy (founded by Plato), and the National Gardens and Panathenaic Stadium – site of the first modern Olympic games; climb the steps to the Acropolis for the breathtaking views, visit the museum, and relax in the picturesque charm of the Plaka. Settle in at the luxurious Hotel Grand Bretagne in the heart of the city and join us for a farewell reception and dinner this evening in the hotel's rooftop garden restaurant, with unforgettable views of the city and its illuminated landmarks at night.

Overnight: Hotel Grande Bretagne
Meals Included: B, D

Day 13: Journey Home
Tour ends: Athens. Fly home anytime. A transfer is included from the Grand Hotel Bretagne to Athens International Airport. Allow at least three hours for flight check-in.
Meals Included: B

All prices are per person, double occupancy, subject to availability and are quoted in U.S. Dollars. These pages are not endorsed or supported by the tour operator in any way. All information presented is based on promotional material provided by the tour operator. All prices, itineraries, accommodations and dates are subject to change without notice and at any time by the tour operators. Availability is limited and must be reconfirmed at time of booking. The prices on this website are not guaranteed. We are not responsible for errors, omissions, or changes in pricing. Please call us toll free at 1-800-942-3301 to confirm availability and pricing.


Is Tauck Tours still in business? ›

From more small group departures to more on-tour sightseeing choices, innovation reigns supreme at Tauck as we continue to enhance our programs and the guest experience year after year.

Does Tauck go to Turkey? ›

Tauck's Turkey tours end in Istanbul. A transfer from the Pera Palace Hotel, Jumeirah to Atatürk International airport is included. Fly home anytime; please allow a minimum of 3 hours for flight check-in.

What is the average age on Tauck Tours? ›

A mix of travelers from the United States and international destinations, river cruise guests typically average age 55+ years and enjoy more active, culturally connected experiences during their travels.

Are Tauck tours worth the money? ›

Both and Tauck are very professional organizations who ensure your traveling experiences are exceptional. Highly recommend both and we keep coming back to book with both. Very professional and well done! Tauck Tours is an outstanding tour company.

How many guests are on Tauck Tours? ›

How many guests are on a classic tour departure? The average group size of a Tauck journey varies depending on the trip that is selected. Most of our land journeys average 35 to 44 guests. Some of Tauck's cruise programs will average larger group sizes based on the capacity of a ship.

Who travels to Turkey the most? ›


What are alternatives to Tauck? › Top 4 competitors
  •, with 271.8K visits, 45 authority score, 65.84% bounce rate.
  •, with 232.4K visits, 42 authority score, 80.61% bounce rate.
  •, with 2.3M visits, 48 authority score, 34.36% bounce rate.

Which age is best for world tour? ›

The best age to start traveling is between 9-12 years old. Memories are made and held. Kids this age are not only more flexible when it comes to travel, they can also be active participants in planning travel.

Is Tauck a luxury brand? ›

Tauck is located at the upper end of the river cruise spectrum, providing cruisers with an all-inclusive luxury experience on Europe's waterways. Tauck river cruises were born out of Tauck Travel, which also provides land tours around the world.

Is alcohol included on Tauck Tours? ›

Complimentary beverages – from specialty coffee, tea, soft drinks and bottled water to house wine, beer and premium spirits – are included on the riverboats, all day, every day.

What are the disadvantages of guided tours? ›

The Cons of Guided Tours
  • It always feels rushed. No matter what tour you take or how long you're at your destination, a guided tour always feels rushed. ...
  • There are usually people in your footage. ...
  • 3. [ ...
  • Certain tours might not be worth your investment. ...
  • Guided tours can be exhausting.
Nov 30, 2018

What are the disadvantages of tours? ›

Traveling Too Quickly

Many tours are set up to show you as many places as possible in the allotted time. While it might sound fun on paper to see seven cities in 10 days, the pace of the tour might be too fast. What is this? Traveling too quickly can lead to exhaustion and travel burn-out in a matter of days.

What are Tauck Tours known for? ›

At last count, Tauck visits more than National Parks, monuments and historic sites across the US… from Acadia to Zion, in destinations ranging from Maine to Hawaii... often including Tauck Exclusive experiences within the parks, and stays at sought-after inside-the-park accommodations.

Who competes with Tauck? ›'s top 5 competitors in April 2023 are:,,,, and more.

How much does the average Tauck tour cost? ›

Top Tauck Tours Tours $4001 to $5000 - 878 Reviews - AffordableTours.

How much do you tip a Tauck tour guide? ›

We ask that you extend gratuities on an individual basis rather than as a group, and we offer the following guideline to assist you in determining an appropriate amount: USD $10 per traveler, per day for the Tauck Director for a total of USD $100 per traveler for the tour.

Are gratuities included on Tauck Tours? ›


All appropriate gratuities for luggage handling, bellmen, doormen, dining room servers and local guides are included. Gratuities for Tauck Directors are included in the pricing for Bridges trips and for all Small Ship and River Cruises.

How much does a Tauck cruise director earn? ›

The salary for Tour Director at Tauck is $55,000 annually.

Who owns Tauck Tours? ›

The company is owned and operated by the Tauck family and is based in Wilton, Connecticut.

How many people are on Go Ahead Tours? ›

Our Right Size Advantage defines each tour's ideal size and means you'll enjoy groups of 14 to 38 travelers, never more.

Do Tauck Land Tours include alcohol? ›

Meals are included as specified. Onboard ship, limited com- plimentary beverages including regional wine, beer, premium spirits, coffee, tea, water and soft drinks. All appropriate gratuities for hotel, ship staff and local guides are included.

Do Tauck tour buses have bathrooms? ›

As for washrooms, our driver Tyler AKA T-Bone offered all passengers a clean public washroom before leaving Skagway. There was also a stop for photos, refreshments and washrooms about 2 hours into the drive just before we headed back to Skagway.

What is the most expensive tour in the world? ›

The Top 5 World's Most Expensive Global Tours
  • Sailing With the Queen Mary 2. Cost of the tour – $ 340,000. ...
  • The Private Charter Tour. Cost of the tour – $ 47,990. ...
  • The Japanese Bonanza. Cost of the tour – $ 23,995. ...
  • The Big Seven. Cost of the tour – $ 71,494. ...
  • 107 3 Michelin Star Hotel Tour. Cost of the tour – $ 276,470 each.
Mar 22, 2023

Is it cheaper to book tours in advance? ›

Saves Money

You may end up spending much on transportation costs or accommodation if you don't plan ahead of time. This is why it's better to book tours before your trip; this way, the savings will be yours! The prices for tours usually increase as the departure date nears, so it's best to book early.

Are drinks included on Tauck? ›

Meals are freshly prepared and regionally driven, both on the riverboat and at local restaurants. Complimentary beverages – from specialty coffee, tea, soft drinks and bottled water to house wine, beer and premium spirits – are included on the riverboats, all day, every day.

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