Is Karen Leaving Sistas In Season 6? (2023)

By Sadixya Bista | On 9 June 2023 05:22 AM

Is Karen Leaving Sistas In Season 6? (3)

No, Karen is not leaving Sistas in Season 6. Ebony Obsidian will appear in the remaining episodes of the series.

Sistas is an American drama TV series directed and written by Tyler Perry.

It follows single 'black' females from different classes connected due to their common storyline of being single.

Meanwhile, they go through modern life's ups and downs, including romance, career, friendship, and social media.

Overall, the series takes viewers to extreme changes in feelings and moments that display squad goals.

The show premiered on October 23, 2019, on Bet. It stars Kj Smith, Ebony, Mignon, Novi Brown, Devale Ellis, and more.

It has six seasons and altogether 115 episodes till June 7, 2023. The new season episode will air each week on Wednesday on Bet Plus.

Is Karen Leaving Sistas In Season 6?

No, Karen is not leaving Sistas in Season 6. In the season premiere episode, her life was in danger after her salon caught fire.

According to TV Line, last week's episode shares the trouble Karen faced when the fire occurred in her salon. As a result, fans doubt Karen's role ended with the season beginning.

They blame Pam for being careless as her boss's life is in danger due to fire.

Is Karen Leaving Sistas In Season 6? (4)

They are saying Ebony Obsidian leaving Sistas after she passed out in the burning salon.

However, she is still on the show, as the following episode shared more stories circling Karen.

In episode 4, Face the Fire, the girls try to find Karen's whereabouts, and they finally discover the address in episode 5, Better Safe Than Sorry.

Is Karen 'Dead' In Sistas?

No, Karen is not 'dead' in Sistas. The character manages to escape the salon fire in the last episode.

Continuing the previous week's episode, Karen falls to the floor and becomes unconscious at the hair salon in episode 2, Full Circle Moments.

Meanwhile, Aaron (Kevin A. Walton) tried to find Karen and called Pam (Angela Beyince).

As Pam knew about the mystery woman who created the mess outside the salon, she immediately found something wrong going on at the salon.

On the other side, Danni's (Mignon) and Andi's (Kj Smith) relationship becomes complicated. Danni, the airport employee, asked Andi, a divorce attorney, about her connection with a married man Gary.

When she returns home, Preston (Trinity Whiteside) again shows up uninvited and saves her. He even stays for the night to keep her safe as the unwanted guest released from prison.

Is Karen Leaving Sistas In Season 6? (5)

In the end, Danni again pushes Preston away as it does not smother her anger toward him.

On the other hand, when Andi goes home, Gray starts talking about Robin and how he could set him free from a law firm.

The married man called Hayden (Chris Warren) to let him know Andi already learned about their plan. Even he offers to help Tamara.

After Fatima and Zac's discussion, Fatima puts Tamara directly about settlement for the role she spent to play.

Meanwhile, Calvin shared with Sabrina, the bank teller, about the things that happened between Maurice and Que at the airport.

Meet Karen Sistas Cast

Ebony Obsidian plays the role of Karen Mott, a hair salon owner, in the Bet series Sistas.

She is an American actress acknowledged for Tough Love, My Brothers Keeper, and Swipe.

In 2019, she secured the role of Karen Mott in the TV series. Until now, she has appeared in 114 episodes of the show.

Originally the actress auditioned for the role in the Bet+ comedy show in New York, per

After they called her back, she showed up in Atlanta to audition for Mark Swinton and Tyler Perry.

Although she was on the set for another series, she got the proposal.

After two days, they wanted her to begin promo for the show.

Before flying back to Atlanta, she got a month to train for her role to shoot the 25 episodes.

Is Karen Leaving Sistas In Season 6? (6)

After the trailer dropped, the show was compared to Girlfriends, and she felt grateful as a fan compared to this classic.

The actress believes she is like her character Karen as she is outspoken like her.

Before Bet Plus, she worked on a Hulu show. The same year, she got Nia's role in WU-Tang: An American Saga in 2019.

In 2014, she debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Over the years, she has played minor roles in Punkin Pie, If Beale Street Could Talk, Such A Deal, and more.

She is starring in the post-production movie Six Triple Eight.

Fans Have Mixed Reaction To Karen's Fate

Fans predict Karen will have a miscarriage after she passes out on the floor.

In episode 2, Karen was on the floor at her hair salon. While the audience was waiting for her stomach to get bigger on Sistas, they felt it was predictable as she became unconscious.

They believed Sistas was starting to become predictable in this new season with Karen as she went into the salon and passed out.

They speculate no girl would walk into a smokey building being pregnant.

As a result, they are predicting Karen will lose the baby in the next week's episode.

Is Karen Leaving Sistas In Season 6? (7)

Meanwhile, some fans questioned why Karen does not have a baby bump as they are eager to learn about the baby daddy. They believed she was lying about the baby's actual father.

Even Ebony has already shared her baby bump and maternity shoot on her social sites for Wu-Tang Saga.

Some pointed out that the real good guy she doesn't want to love might not have been so good.

However, he will be in her life because he might be the baby daddy, even though Karen claims Zac is the father of her child.

On the other hand, some fans want Karen to exit from the show, as the whole new season of Sistas, and still, she doesn't show a baby bump.

Some FAQs

Did Karen Die On Sistas?

No, Karen did not die on Sistas, as her character's storyline is still continuing in the remaining episodes.

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