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512 Patriarch Xuan Tian

Qin Chen and the others heard that many forces wanted to go and see if they could go to the depths of the tomb of the demon king.

It was said that the demon king’s tomb was extremely dangerous. Even many existences above the God Emperor realm had died.

Rumor had it that the demon king’s tomb was left behind by a great demon that had transcended the God Emperor realm.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the demon king had been injured in a battle with a powerful enemy, he wouldn’t have plundered so many treasures to build a tomb for himself.

Many forces wanted a piece of the pie.

The number of experts from the many demon races was the same as the number of human cultivators.

Qin Chen and the others did not care how chaotic it was. The most important thing was to obtain opportunities and treasures.

Only by doing so could they quickly improve their cultivation prowess and strength.

They had come to the Divine Illusionary Realm with the sole intention of making themselves stronger quickly.

In the mythological era, some experts from the nine Heavens and ten lands had entered the Divine Illusionary Realm through the white moonstone. But that was a very long time ago.

In the current nine Heavens and ten lands, as well as the cosmic, there was no longer a second white moonstone.

If not for Qin Chen having the system’s check-in function, he would not have been able to obtain a white moonstone and enter the Divine Illusionary Realm either.

At this moment, Qin Chen and the rest had already arrived near the tomb of the demon king.i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

He saw many experts, including many in the God Emperor realm. God Emperor realm experts in this place were no longer as rare as before.

It seemed that the demon king’s tomb did hide a lot of treasures and opportunities.

Otherwise, these guys wouldn’t have all gathered here.

The place was bustling with activity, all for profit.

The big scorpion and the others were shocked when they saw so many experts. Even in the nine Heavens and ten lands, as well as in the cosmic, they had never seen so many experts gathered.

It seemed that the power of the Divine Illusionary Realm should not be underestimated.

The number of experts in the Divine Illusionary Realm was far more than that of the nine Heavens and ten lands, or even in the cosmic.

The opportunities and treasures here were also many times more than in the nine Heavens and ten lands.

Even an ordinary cultivator without any talent could become powerful by cultivating in the Divine Illusionary Realm.

Many unaffiliated cultivators like Qin Chen had come to join in the fun as well. However, when they faced the cultivators of the major forces, they still chose to take the initiative to back off and try not to provoke them.

After all, the other party was far more powerful than them. If they didn’t know their place and provoked the other party, they would likely end up being dealt with.

Only now did Qin Chen and the others understand how shocking the Divine Illusionary Realm was!

There was even an old monster that was even more terrifying than a God Emperor.

Moreover, when everyone saw his arrival, they did not seem to be shocked.

This was enough to prove how many experts there were in the Divine Illusionary Realm.

Qin Chen and the rest quickly hid in a deserted place, gathering with some unaffiliated cultivators. They sought shelter and huddled together for warmth.

The experts of the major forces would not take the initiative to deal with these unaffiliated cultivators. After all, their strength was going to be used in the tomb of the demon king.

Qin Chen and the rest could imagine how brutal the battle would be once they entered the tomb of the demon king.

Many experts would probably die in there.

“I didn’t expect Patriarch Xuan Tian to come as well.”

Some of the unaffiliated cultivators were shocked to see the old monster who had surpassed the God Emperor realm.

Some other demon race experts near the tomb of the demon king had their hearts filled with hatred and anger.

This was supposed to be an opportunity for the demon race. Why were these human cultivators trying to get a share of it?

It was all because they were not powerful enough. None of the demon race experts who could challenge Patriarch Xuan Tian had come.

Thinking of this, the demon race experts were displeased, but they could only silently allow the human cultivators to enter the demon king’s tomb to search for treasures alongside them.

In the past, the number of God Emperor-realm experts that had come to the tomb of the demon king was far less than the number that had come this time.

No one as terrifying as Patriarch Xuan Tian had come here before either.

There were extremely powerful restrictions outside the tomb of the demon king, and many experts suffered losses and even lost their lives.

However, this time, with such a grand formation, it was clear that they wanted to enter the depths of the tomb of the demon king.

There must be even more precious treasures in the depths of the demon king’s tomb. Only was it explainable why these guys were attracted.

Among the many experts, Qin Chen and the others even saw people from the supreme orthodoxy whom they had stolen the divine tree’s fruit from.

Qin Chen and the rest were not afraid at all when they saw these people. This was because the latter did not know that they were the ones who had stolen the divine tree’s fruits on the back mountain.

Forces of all sizes combined to form a terrifying force. They were densely packed like a black tide.

Their goal was also very clear, and that was to obtain enough treasures in the tomb of the demon king.

Qin Chen and the rest immediately looked at each other and became more alert to their surroundings.

No one could say for sure if there would be some who liked to stab others in the back.

They didn’t want to be caught off guard, so they had to be on guard against these guys.

Finally, the opportunity came. A terrifying fluctuation exploded and a faint pressure came from the void.

Everyone quickly saw the terrifying fluctuation that erupted from the tomb of the demon king. Following this, an illusionary passage opened.

Only by using the passage could they could enter the tomb of the demon king.

Patriarch Xuan Tian snorted coldly. He was an old monster that was even more terrifying than God Emperors. He immediately led a group of experts into the place.


Many experts heard Patriarch Xuan Tian’s cold snort, but no one dared to enter before him.

After Patriarch Xuan Tian and his men entered, they slowly entered.

No one wanted to offend such a terrifying old monster.

Since Patriarch Xuan Tian had taken action this time, they would definitely be able to obtain great results. They could only follow behind obediently. Perhaps they could pick up some treasures that the other party had left behind.

After Patriarch Xuan Tian’s figure disappeared from the passage, the major forces began to enter in a single file.

Finally, it was the turn of the unaffiliated cultivators.

However, after a few of the unaffiliated cultivators just entered, a powerful aura came over.

The demon race’s experts unleashed their pressures, which was irresistible for the unaffiliated cultivators, and they made way for them.

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