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508 The Fruit of the Divine Tree

Qin Chen used the Chaos Divine Ring to obliterate the Divine Illusionary Realm’s expert’s primordial spirit, only leaving behind the latter’s memory fragments.

Then, he refined the memory fragments. With this, he would be able to find out what kind of region the Divine Illusionary Realm was.

Logically speaking, this place was similar to the nine Heavens and ten lands, so there should be many opportunities and treasures.

If he wanted to find those opportunities and treasures, it would definitely take a lot of effort. Therefore, Qin Chen decided to refine the memory fragments of this expert from the Divine Illusionary Realm directly.


If he did that, he wouldn’t need to search the place to know where those things were now.

Soon, Qin Chen refined all the memory fragments of the expert and learned that there were countless regions of various sizes in the Divine Illusionary Realm.

Every region was guarded by powerful experts, and these experts would also kill each other to compete for resources.

This place was once a unified divine Kingdom.

Someone destroyed it, killed the King, and till now, no one could unify the Divine Illusionary Realm.

In the short time it took to refine the memory fragments, Qin Chen also learned that there were many opportunities and fortunes in many places all over the Divine Illusionary Realm, but the key was that those places were extremely dangerous.

However, Qin Chen and the others were not afraid of danger. After all, they were a group of lunatics who were not afraid of death.

They could do anything if they wanted to.

As long as there were opportunities and good fortune in the Divine Illusionary Realm that could allow them to increase their strength, they would do it at all costs.

The most important thing for them now was to increase their strength.

They had encountered too many dangers along the way. If they could become more powerful, they would definitely be able to resist these threats.

The Divine Illusionary Realm had countless opportunities and fortunes, as well as many divine beasts that lived here.

For example, there were even experts from the true dragon race here.

In other words, it was very likely that the true dragon would see its own kind. Even though it had only obtained the true dragon bloodline through atavism, it still had the same bloodline as those that were born true dragons.

Moreover, to be able to rely on its impure bloodline to achieve avatism and become a true dragon also indirectly showed the true dragon’s talent and strength.

Perhaps the true dragon could be acknowledged back in its race here.

However, there were also some powerful forces here. Almost all of them chose to fight and kill to plunder resources.

Those guys were called thieves.

For example, the Great God-realm expert that Qin Chen and the others had encountered was a thief. He had probably killed thousands of innocent souls.

This made Qin Chen gasp. He had never thought that there would be devil-like people in this place.

Very quickly, Qin Chen and the rest decided to leave.

This was because they knew that if they continued to stay at the same spot, they would most likely attract the attention of other experts. At that time, they would experience a fierce battle.

They randomly chose a direction to walk in.

Qin Chen was able to gather a lot of useful information from the memory of the thief.

They were now close to an orthodoxy, and it was said that there was a divine tree on the back mountain of this orthodoxy.

The divine tree bloomed and bore fruit once every three thousand years.

Each ripened fruit contained immense power that could help even God Emperor-realm experts increase their strength.

Qin Chen was excited when he found this information in the expert’s memory. One must know that such a divine fruit was something that could only be encountered by luck and not sought out in the outside world. He never thought that there would be a divine tree here.

He then informed everyone about this matter. Everyone could not help but feel excited and wanted to pluck the fruit from the divine tree.

That being said, the process was bound to be full of twists and turns. After all, the fruits on the divine tree were not that easy to get their hands on.

“We must first infiltrate this orthodoxy before we can attempt to enter the back mountain.”

No one knew how powerful this orthodoxy was. According to the thief’s memories that Qin Chen had refined, the thief did not dare to have any ideas about this supreme orthodoxy.

This was because if he had such thoughts, he would have long died.

Qin Chen and the others continued to walk forward, wanting to infiltrate the supreme orthodoxy.

Everyone followed Qin Chen and arrived at the foot of the mountain where the supreme orthodoxy was.

Unfortunately, there was an array here, so they couldn’t go any further.

If they forced their way forward, they would probably expose themselves. If they moved any further, they would trigger the array.

It would be terrible by then.

What if there were experts stronger than the God Emperor realm in this supreme orthodoxy? Wouldn’t doing so be equivalent to Qin Chen and the others walking into the trap and losing their lives in vain?

Therefore, they could only sneak in.

Qin Chen had a devil-breaking worm in his storage ring. If the devil-breaking worm could slowly eat a hole in the array, they would be able to sneak in.

At the thought of this, Qin Chen took out the devil-breaking worm and placed it on the array.

The array was not too powerful. Soon, the devil-breaking worm began to chew with all its might, constantly devouring the array.

It didn’t take long for it to eat a big hole.

This array was far from being as powerful as the one Zhen Xiezi had set up.

However, there might be some other dangerous traps here, though Qin Chen and the others had yet to encounter any.

Qin Chen communicated with the devil-breaking worm. It was obvious that the latter could also sense the extraordinariness of the array.

The outer layer of the array was merely a smokescreen. The most fatal danger was within the array.

Once one entered the array, one would be under surveillance. As long as one moved, one would be attacked by the thunderstorm-like power of the array.

Qin Chen’s expression turned serious. It seemed that they might not be able to enter this supreme orthodoxy even though the devil-breaking worm could break the array.


Still, the devil-breaking worm quickly broke the array. Qin Chen and the others quickly entered the array and put away the devil-breaking worm.

The devil-breaking worm was now full and had fallen into a deep sleep. It was slowly cultivating and growing. As it grew, it would be able to devour more powerful arrays. It might even end up being able to devour Emperor arrays.

At this moment, Qin Chen and the others had already begun to move forward. According to the devil-breaking worm, there were still hidden dangers in the array, so they had to be careful and cautious. They could not be discovered.

When Qin Chen and the others slowly entered, they discovered that there was actually another array in this place.

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