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439 Setting Foot in the God Realm

The true dragon nodded when it saw Qin Chen’s great change. It retreated to the side and left the battlefield to Qin Chen.

Looking at Qin Chen, who was about to attack him, Fei Xuan sneered, “You’re just a level 9 Supreme Sage realm expert. You haven’t even stepped into the God realm. How can you fight me?”

Qin Chen clenched his fists, and an endless battle intent surged out, which actually changed the world. In an instant, it was as if he had opened up a world of his own in the nine Heavens!

“Who said I can’t fight you?!” Qin Chen let out a furious roar, and the aura on his body advanced to the God realm!

At this moment, Qin Chen had already stepped into the God realm. Above the nine Heavens, the heavenly tribulation was condensed, which shocked Fei Xuan.


Fei Xuan couldn’t help but take a step back and used his terrifying escape technique to escape a thousand miles away.

This was Qin Chen’s heavenly tribulation. He could not allow himself to be affected.

The heavenly tribulation in the sky was getting increasingly terrifying. Dark clouds gathered as if it was going to destroy the world!

Fei Xuan was secretly surprised that such a terrifying heavenly tribulation had been triggered by the human cultivator before him. This further showed the other party’s strength.

Qin Chen cast a cold glance at him. The dark clouds of the heavenly tribulation above the nine Heavens had yet to disperse, but it was already like the Heavenly Dao wanted to suppress Qin Chen. A terrifying power descended on him.

However, Qin Chen was fearless, “I have already stepped into the God realm. Who can fight me?”

Fei Xuan wanted to see if Qin Chen could survive this heavenly tribulation.

Fei Xuan was incomparably shocked. Even if he had only experienced such a heavenly tribulation with terrifying fluctuations like this back when he was breaking through to the Great God realm.

The big scorpion, Holy Maiden Mu Xue, Yuji, and the others were shocked. They did not expect the Elder King to break through at this time.

The dark clouds in the sky dispersed, and a dazzling golden divine lightning bolt shot out. It turned into a golden God and whizzed toward Qin Chen!

He wanted to kill Qin Chen with the supreme heavenly tribulation!

Qin Chen was not afraid at all. Endless battle intent burst out from his body. He circulated his Chaotic Divine Body to the extreme, and countless rules of chaos densely covered his body!

Then, he activated the Moving Secret Technique, tore the void apart, and threw a punch!

This punch alone could shake the vast earth!

The power of this punch shattered the void and even the chaos was converted into Qin Chen’s power!

With that, he actually managed to force the golden God in front of him back with a single punch.

Seeing with his own eyes that Qin Chen’s combat strength had increased so much, Fei Xuan’s heart throbbed. Such a great enemy indeed had the potential to become an emperor!

It seemed that those people were not wrong.

Then, Qin Chen attacked the golden God in front of him.

He threw another punch, and this punch was like the undying will of the six paths of reincarnation as it landed on the golden God’s body!

In an instant, cracks appeared on his opponent’s body. Even the golden God condensed by the heavenly tribulation seemed to be unable to resist.

Qin Chen once again flew forward and threw another punch! The power of this punch was even greater than the previous one. It was like a God of war who could not be destroyed among the six paths of reincarnation.

The golden God had no choice but to defend himself. He formed a divine shield and blocked Qin Chen’s attack.

However, he had never expected that Qin Chen’s punch would be so destructive that his shield would explode. With that, the shield formed by the heavenly tribulation shattered with a loud bang. Then, with a punch, the God formed by the heavenly tribulation was shattered as well.

Qin Chen’s eyes shot out countless rays of divine light. He was like an ancient great emperor from the primordial era who looked down on the universe.

Then, the heavenly tribulation struck down another black thunderbolt. This black thunderbolt was extremely terrifying and carried an aura of great destruction!

If an ordinary God-realm expert was hit, he would definitely be seriously injured. If he was hit head-on, he would probably die.

However, Qin Chen was fearless. He threw out another punch. Even if it was the heavenly tribulation, how could it destroy him?

He would like to see if it had such capabilities and who was stronger!

With just one punch, the black lightning was obliterated.

Such unparalleled combat power made everyone feel fear.

It was as if Qin Chen was no longer the person they knew, but a human ancestor from ancient times.

The heavenly tribulation above the nine Heavens was furious.

In an instant, countless thunderbolts were sent down, sweeping toward Qin Chen like a huge river hitting the shore. Qin Chen’s body at this moment seemed so small

like a small boat on the ocean that could capsize at any time.

However, Qin Chen was still unafraid. After all, this was the Six Paths Reincarnation Fist which was a celestial technique. How could it not be able to resist the heavenly tribulation?

With that, he once again condensed a brilliant fist intent, which burst out with streams of divine light and bombarded the front.

This punch created a deep gully in the heavenly tribulation, which went straight into the dark clouds of the heavenly tribulation above the nine Heavens!

In an instant, the dark clouds were scattered and disappeared between heaven and earth. The Heavenly Dao let out an angry roar, shaking everyone’s mind.

No one could understand how the Elder King could be so terrifying.

Even the heavenly tribulation couldn’t suppress him. One should know that that was the heavenly tribulation, which represented the power of the Heavenly Dao.

Qin Chen looked at Fei Xuan and walked out step by step with a solemn expression.

“Do I have the right to fight you now?”

At this moment, Fei Xuan was also shocked, and his heart was filled with countless complicated emotions.

He looked at Qin Chen in disbelief. Was he still human?

The other party was simply a monster! It was even more terrifying than his godfiend bloodline!

Who the hell was he?

Qin Chen took a step forward and covered a thousand miles, arriving in front of Fei Xuan instantly!

He gathered his fist intent and struck out the Six Paths Reincarnation Fist again. It was as if the six paths of reincarnation had condensed into a supreme fist technique that was added with destruction and unleashed before Fei Xuan!

Fei Xuan’s eyes widened as he saw the extremely terrifying power coming.

It instantly shattered Fei Xuan, and everyone was bewildered. They didn’t think that the godfiend Fei Xuan would die so quickly.

Everyone was shocked.


When they saw that Fei Xuan’s body which had been blasted into pieces simply turned into starlight, they realized that this was the other party’s afterimage!

As expected, Fei Xuan walked out of a crack in the void. His face was pale, and it seemed that he had paid a great price to escape from this punch.

Otherwise, he would have been severely injured by the punch.

Fei Xuan roared with laughter, and his entire person seemed to have gone crazy.

“The human Elder King indeed lives up to his reputation!”

Then, he held his six different weapons and attacked Qin Chen. Facing this terrifying attack, Qin Chen threw out another punch that condensed into a supreme fist intent. It collided with Fei Xuan’s attack with a terrifying force!

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