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424 Refining Demonic Puppets

Facing the threat of death, Qin Chen and the others had no choice but to agree to help the bloody man break the seal.

If they dared to resist, only death would await them.

Although they did not know who had sealed this terrifying existence here, Qin Chen and the others still chose to help it break the seal.

The bloody man was chained to the copper pillar. It looked very excited because this was its chance to leave after such a long time.


The true dragon was the strongest amongst them and had already broken through to the God Emperor level. Yet, even it had no chance of winning against the bloody man. It was very well aware that the gap between it and the bloody man was like a huge chasm. They were simply not on the same level

The true dragon walked to the bronze pillar. If one wanted to break the seal, one would have to cut off the chains.

With that, it transformed back into its original body, a huge true dragon that was exuding a terrifying Dragon’s might.

Following this, it rammed into the iron chain, and the iron chain was broken.

Without the restraint of the chains, the bloody figure on the copper pillar instantly unleashed a terrifying aura, shocking everyone.

What the hell was this?

Qin Chen could feel that the bloody man sealed on the copper pillar must be extremely powerful.

In an instant, the bloody world shook as if it was boiling. A terrifying aura enveloped Qin Chen and the others.

Instantly, they felt as if they had fallen into an abyss.

This bloody man was simply too powerful.

Then, the bloody man looked at Qin Chen and the others. Its voice seemed to be lined with viciousness as it said, “I said that I would give you a great fortune, so I naturally won’t go back on my word.”

With that, it injected a stream of blood energy into everyone’s bodies, including the true dragon.

The moment the blood energy entered their bodies, everyone felt as if they were in great pain, and a cold sweat broke out on their foreheads.

The pain was too great. The bloody man continued, “It won’t be long before you all become my demonic puppets. When that happens, your cultivation realm will naturally improve.”

Upon hearing the two words “demonic puppet”, Qin Chen and the others could not help but be shocked. What was a demonic puppet?

It was a method that could plunder their consciousness and turn them into puppets.

If that happened, Qin Chen and the others would be better off dead. By then, they wouldn’t even be able to die even if they wanted to and would be completely under the command of this bloody man.

They felt extreme fear. They didn’t expect that this bloody man would “help” them increase their strength through such a method.

The bloody man walked out of the void secret realm. He used a great supernormal knowledge and instantly moved the entire bloody world out of the void secret realm.

It existed above this ancient planet. Being under such a terrifying blood-red world, the dead star turned black and red. It exuded a heart-palpitating aura, and incomparably demonic fluctuations were constantly being born.

What the hell did they release?

The bloody man said indifferently, “I was suppressed and spent countless years here. If not for that expert, I would not have fallen into such a state. Everything is thanks to him, it’s all fate. Since you are all under my command, I will naturally not mistreat you.”

Then, Qin Chen and the others felt the blood energy in their bodies surge wildly as if it wanted to devour their bodies. The bloody man continued, “When you have completely integrated with this blood energy, you will naturally be able to advance a major realm.”

With such a terrifying technique, this bloody man could probably be comparable to a quasi-emperor at his peak.

Everyone’s hearts were filled with horror. They had no idea what this bloody man was trying to do.

“The opportunity to become an ancient great emperor in this era has arrived. If I can obtain the opportunity, I will definitely be able to become an ancient great emperor.”

It then looked at Qin Chen and said, “I can’t see your future clearly. It seems like there’s a cloud of fog shrouding you. Perhaps you’ll be a helping hand to me in the future.”

After that, it injected another wave of blood energy into Qin Chen, wanting to improve the latter’s strength so that he could become stronger faster in the future. This was because chaos would soon descend on the world, and Qin Chen was simply too weak.

Qin Chen’s heart trembled, and he couldn’t help but curse in his heart. Wasn’t this bloody man giving him blood energy because it wanted to refine him into its demonic puppet?

When the fusion was complete, Qin Chen would truly be dead. He would become a demonic puppet that would listen to the bloody man.

Then, the bloody man began to condense a physical form. Its body, which was originally just a ball of human-shaped blood, gradually condensed into the appearance of a man with a dangerous aura.

Blood-colored clothes appeared on his body and wrapped around him.

Then, he said to Qin Chen, “You can leave this place, and so can they. Chaos is about to descend on this world, and I need you to eliminate some enemies. You can kill any enemies you think are strong and have potential. Don’t worry, once I leave the Tranquil Land, the world will truly be in chaos. At that time, I will create a demonic domain and create a supreme orthodoxy. The few of you will then be considered figures at the supreme elder level.”

Hearing this, Qin Chen was not the least bit tempted. The other party clearly wanted them to help it get rid of the enemies it might encounter on the way.

Chaos was about to descend, and it would inevitably lead to many great wars. Many old farts were about to be born, and all had inextinguishable blood grudges against each other. To fight for the opportunity to become an emperor, a great war would inevitably break out and they would not show any mercy.

When that chaotic period arrived, it would be the time for the bloody man to reappear.

“I don’t want to tell you too much about the taboos here. As long as you work hard for me, I will definitely not treat you badly in the future.”

As soon as it finished speaking, it sent a thought to Qin Chen and the others’ minds. It made their hair stand on end and made them feel as if they were being watched.

“This is just a small trick, it won’t hurt you. Don’t do anything stupid. No one can break my blood energy. You have a bright future ahead of you, so I hope you won’t ruin it. There won’t be any danger for you to leave the Tranquil Land now. As long as you don’t provoke those experts who have been killed by the power of order, you won’t be in trouble.”

With that, the bloody man sat cross-legged on the ground and seemed to have gone into seclusion. Qin Chen and the others did not have any intention of making a move on it now.

Because they knew that once they had such a thought, they would die without a burial place.

Everyone looked at each other and laughed bitterly in their hearts.

They didn’t expect that they would become prisoners so quickly, becoming demonic puppets who wished they were dead.

The blood energy in their bodies was fusing with them. Once the fusion was done, their life and death would be decided by a single thought from this bloody man.

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