Hotel Le Terrazze Conca Dei Marini, Amalfi Coast - Italy (2023)

Conca dei Marini, located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, a land full of pleasures with its fiery sunsets and emerald waters, represents the ideal place for those who seek natural beauty, well-being, and hospitality.

Mrs Emilia Esposito and her husband Marcello Prudente welcome the guests of the Hotel Le Terrazze with careful family-style hospitality which is typical of the people from the Amalfi Coast, and makes sure that everyone who comes to this place will have a cherished memory and the desire to come back again.

All the hotel rooms have a splendid view of the sea or garden, are ample and bright, and provided with every comfort.Recently renovated, they also have neat furnishings and a unique style which plays with the purity of white and the intense colours of the sea and the Mediterranean nature.

Conca dei Marini is ideal to easily reach places of great interest of the region, to visit the nearby touristic locations or going on strolls and natural excursions. The view seen from the wide windows will make the day start in a tastier fashion.

The Hotel Le Terrazze is built on a 1960s building and transformed by Emilia Esposito in a cozy sea-viewing abode, with a simple and elegant style which perfectly matches the surrounding Mediterranean nature.

The Esposito-Prudente family is particularly concerned about the respect for the environment and their dedication to the matter has been rewarded with the UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 9001 certifications which attest the quality of the hotel services done in respect of regulations and diminish the environmental impact of human activities.

Conca dei Marini is a small town on the Amalfi Coast. Originally a fishing village, in time it has become a beloved touristic attraction for its many beauties and relaxing atmosphere. A pearl nestled between the sea and the mountains, an ideal starting point to discover all the beauties of the Divine Coast.

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A totally relaxing stay, an experience of well-being in harmony with a natural landscape among the most beautiful and admired in the world.

Le Terrazze’s twenty-seven hotel rooms, double or with king-sized beds, and about 20 square meters big, offer this and much more: balcony with sea or garden view, en-suite bathroom, floors with majolicas from Vietri, furnished in Mediterranean style.

Furthermore, bathrooms are supplied with olive oil products which are hydrating, nutrient and reinvigorating.

Beauty and goodness are the main ingredients for a breakfast which will charge your body and mind with energy and positivity: the goodness and the flavor of genuine and fragrant products, the beauty of the breath-taking landscape that can be admired from the wide windows.

So to begin the day in the best way possible and to discover the marvels of Conca and its surroundings.

Products of excellence, passion, creativity, tradition, and knowledge are the main ingredients of a flavourful and elating local cuisine, which once home will turn on your desire to reproduce this extraordinary union of flavour and genuineness.

For this reason, the hotel can organize or guide the guests who desire it towards cooking classes which allow them to turn into reality every culinary wish they have.

In the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Conca dei Marini is a small and suggestive village with a few hundred inhabitants, a cascade of white houses laid on the mountain terracing which slopes towards the sea.

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It is a town of seamen and its history has always been tied to the sea, close to the near Maritime republic of Amalfi which then became the pearl of the coast and has always been a destination of many well-known personalities.

The whole bay is overlooked by the splendid 16th-century sighting tower, Torre Bianca, located on the Capo di Conca promontory which was used to defend against the frequent Saracen attacks.

Conca dei Marini most precious jewel is the enchanting Grotta dello Smeraldo, the emerald cave, a karst cavity about 30 metres high and partially submerged, a bewitching place whose incredible colour shades make it a magical place.

Conca dei Marini has been visited by Jackie Kennedy and Gianni Agnelli, by Margaret of England and the Queen of Holland.

The Moët et Chandon family have a splendid villa here and notorious guests are often present who choose Conca dei Marini as their holiday destination to enjoy the beauty and calmness of the village and at the same time to be close to more glamorous destinations such as Positano and Amalfi.

Among the many beauties of the place there’s the fishing village with the characteristic church of Santa Maria della Neve, whose devotion is very felt by local people. On August 5, day dedicated to the Holy of this church, the village lights up and a long naval procession arrives to Amalfi.

Culinary specialties are a not- to-be-missed fundamental element of the land’s culture. Conca dei Marini is famous for its “sfogliatella Santa Rosa” a pastry product created in the 18th century by the Dominicans of the Santa Rosa da Lima monastery and celebrated every year with an awaited feast in August.

The Hotel Le Terrazze is able to arrange for you a fascinating excursion on a private boat, both single or in a group, to the discovery of the wonderful island of Capri, the natural extension of the Sorrento peninsula.

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It is one of the most glamorous and popular destinations according to the international jet set, but also a place with hundreds of natural beauties such as the enchanting Grotta Azzurra.

You can’t not be fascinated by the vision of the ancient town of Pompeii. No other place in the world can offer the possibility to stroll across the roads of a whole city suddenly frozen by that fatal day in 79 AD, when ashes and lapilli from the volcano buried the town achieving eternity.

After the visit in Pompeii the walk up to Vesuvius, which overlooks the gulf of Naples with its unmistakable outline, will be even more suggestive. The Hotel is able to organize the visit for groups with a bus trip or even in a limousine for a private trip.

At about 20 km from Conca dei Marini, Sorrento is one of the most renowned locations of the region. Birthplace of Torquato Tasso it has also inspired artists, poets and musicians.

Among the many excellence products the “femminello” lemon is one of the most famous ones, as well as local craftsmanship products such as wood intarsia. An interesting visit that can be arranged both in group by bus or alone by limousine.

The ancient town of Herculaneum has shared the same destructive destiny as Pompeii caused by Vesuvius. An ancient town in a modern one, Herculaneum safeguards many treasures still.

Not far away from the main entrance the virtual museum, the MAV, offers the possibility to live once again the last moments of the village thanks to realistic reconstructions. Like all of the other archeological tours, the Hotel is able to arrange visits for groups by bus or for a small number of people in a limousine.

The Archaeological Park of Paestum located about 30 kilometres from Salerno hosts some of the best-preserved temples of the Magna Graecia. The impressive architecture has fascinated the most prestigious minds of the past centuries, which inserted Paestum among the mandatory destinations of the Grand-Tour.

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The National Archeological Museum of Paestum safeguards one of the most important collections in Italy, among which, the renowned Tomb of the Diver. The hotel is able to organize single or group guided visits.

Nature has created ravishing scenery in the karst cavity connected to the sea and opened by a 16-metre long underground tunnel and the waters are emerald coloured by light that filters through.

Among the stalactites and stalagmites and wonderfully coloured reflexes the atmosphere is made even more magical by the presence, on the seabed, of a nativity scene made of ceramics from Vietri, to which every year a few days before Christmas a group of scuba divers adds a baby Jesus.

The cruise continues to the two most prized pearls of the coast, Positano and the noble Amalfi, the ancient Marine republic.

The Vesuvius area, with its volcanic terrains, has given to Campania’s viticulture products of excellence known since ancient times. The Amalfi Coast with its incredibly mild climate and spectacular nature is no less.

The Hotel Le Terrazze will be happy to organize for its guests who wish it a wine tour to discover the most representative wine cellars of the region.

Scented, juicy, lively and cheerful. It’s the lemon of the Amalfi Coast, a regal product of a land which is considered World Heritage by UNESCO. For the guests who wish to do so, the Hotel can organize tours to discover the production areas of the precious citrus fruit, a distinguished testimonial of the Divine Coast.

For the hikers and trek lovers the Sentiero degli Dei is one of the most suggestive itineraries that one can choose. From one side the mountain with its typical Mediterranean vegetation, and on the other the view of an endless horizon which divides sky and sea with its surprising colours.

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A path capable of exposing body and soul and able to give a sense of harmony between man and nature in return.

There is a whole sea and a totally different view to discover between the Amalfi Coast, Capri and the Sorrento peninsula.

For those who love scuba diving o want to put to use their holiday free time to try this sport, you can ask at the hotel’s front desk to gain information and support to make your wish of knowing even better this part of the coast even better.


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