Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (2023)

Over the course of the last 16 seasons of everyone's favorite Shonda Rhimes original series, Grey's Anatomy, we have seen quite a few interns come and go from the saff. While even our original crew (or what's left of them) were all interns when the series started out, they have long since passed all of their exams and moved on to higher ranks.

So, today we are going to be looking at all of the notable interns that have come along since Meredith and her pals got promoted. We will be ranking them in order of who was the most useless all the way up to who we think were actually very valuable to the hospital. Some have been fired, some have tragically past and some are are even still working at our beloved hospital today.



15 WeWant The Name Of Whoever Let Sadie Harris Into The Program

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (1)

Sadie Harris was not only useless as an intern, but her recklessness could have sunk the entire hospital. She faked her way through med school (don't ask us how) and then she figured her old pal Meredith would just get her through her intern year. This girl knew nothing about surgery and was a major part of the whole interns operating on each other scandal.

14 Norman Was Hilarious, But Ultimately Useless

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (2)

Norman Shales, played by the late Edward Herrmann, actually had a pretty great 3 episodes on the show. He was by far the oldest intern Seattle Grace ever had, but he meant well. Not the most helpful since he collapsed due to a stroke on one of his first days on the job, but at least that lead him to his correct path of working in psych.

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13 Steve Mostow AndTheRest Of HisIntern Love Triangle

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (3)

Steve Mostow, Megan Nowland and Pierce Halley are all ranking in the same place. Had any of them made an impression past their ridiculous love triangle, perhaps they would have been placed higher. Even though the residents and attendings are usually distracted by their love lives, these guys were just too much. The crying in front of patients, come on!

12 Her First Time Around, Leah Murphy Was The Worst

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (4)

Even though Leah kind of got that brief redemption story, we're still not ranking her very high. Obviously, she was the only one fired from her batch of interns and rightfully so! If you're in an intern year against talent like Stephanie Edwards, it's probably best to not focus 100% of your attention on sleeping with ever attending possible.

11 If It Hadn't Been For Those Damn Glasses...

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (5)

This one we actually kind of feel a bit bad for, but that incident with the glasses is just such a though one to live down. As much as we love Levi and even Nico for that matter (we absolutely ship the couple), we are talking about usefulness as an intern right now. Those glasses falling off his face and into a body cavity really lost him some points.

10 Sam Could Have Been Great

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (6)
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Sam Bello started off looking like a pretty strong intern, if not slightly distracted by her relationship with Andrew DeLuca. We love how Shonda was able to write in a bit about the country trying to have her deported for a traffic violation, it's an important story to tell, but it also meant we didn't get to see her do too much in Seattle.

9 Morgan Was An Excellent Character, But We Barely Saw Her In Action

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (7)

Honestly, Morgan Peterson probably should have been written into the series as apatientand not an intern. Don't get us wrong, we're still sobbing over her and baby Tommy's story, but in terms of interning, all we really saw her do was create study cards to quiz Alex with.

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8 Shane's Talented, But He Makes Terrible Choices

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (8)

Shane was a bit of a shark when he began his intern year and that's exactly what it takes to become the best. That being said, the guy could not get a handle on his jealousy. After his envy wound up killing Heather (unintentionally, of course), it was hard to forgive him. Surgery is kind of a team sport, so if a colleague can help a patient better, you have to let them!

7 Heather Was A Rock Star

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (9)
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Even though Heather Brooks did not survive her time at Seattle Grace (few do), she managed to show just how much potential she had as a surgeon, which was a lot! Sure, she was quirky and more off-beat than the others in her year, but skills are skills. Derek Shepherd saw her promise the second she stepped into the OR.

6 Remember Andrew's First Day?

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (10)

By this point in time, Andrew DeLuca is more than capable. However, if we go back to his time as an intern, things were a little shakier for the guy. His first day on the job he showed up and lied about already being a certified surgeon. Who does that?

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5 Casey Parker Was Helpful In Ways No Other Intern Could Have Been

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (11)

We cannot minimize what Casey did to help during the whole hospital hacking debacle. While he's proven to also be a very capable surgical resident, we have to count all of the lives he saved with his computer skillsduring that very stressful episode. Not even Cristina Yang would have been able to help in that situation.

4 George Was The Chief's Intern

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (12)
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Ok, so George is the only original intern we're including in this list and the reason should be obvious. He's the only one from the initial group that had to repeat his intern year after failing his exam. We all know George was a fine surgeon, but going up against the likes of Meredith, Cristina and Alex, that's a tough spot to be in.

3 Jo Outlasted Everyone In Her Year

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (13)

Jo Wilson may not have been the most promising when she kicked off her intern year, but hey, she's more than proved herself as valuable by this point. In fact, she is the only one still left working at the hospital from her intern year. Our hearts are broken over Alex leaving, but Jo is so talented that we're confident she will be ok!

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2 We Still Miss Lexie

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (14)

There's no telling just how far Lexie could have gone had it not been for that plane crash. With Meredith as her sister, Derek and her brother-in-law and Mark as her boyfriend, she had the best team of mentors basically ever. She was also the first to be dedicated enough to wear a diaper during a surgery. Definitely valuable!

1 Nobody Was Better Than Stephanie Edwards

Grey's Anatomy: Interns Ranked From Useless To Valuable (15)
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Stephanie Edwards was without a doubt the most valuable intern we'd seen since Cristina Yang moved up the ranks. She showed extreme promise in multiple fields and because of her past as a patient herself, she was able to connect with people better than most. Wherever she is now, we hope she's very happy.

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