Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (2023)

In many ways, Grey's Anatomyis a television miracle of sorts. The show has been on the air for fifteen seasons now, with the sixteenth set to premiere soon. It has survived endless major character deaths, feuds between Shonda and the actors, feuds between the actors, and some seriously traumatizing storylines. But still, somehow, it has preserved and managed to keep fans hooked to their screens all this time.

Being a fan ofGrey's Anatomycan honestly scar you for life. The show doesn't have any problem dealing with some serious, complex, and heartbreaking topics. Sometimes to such a huge extent, it's hard to understand how some characters can be so cursed. But because we live in the digital age, fans found a way to cope with a show that so many times leaves us devastated. And yes, you guessed it - it's memes! After so many years on the air, we figured it's more than time we dedicate a list to some of the most hilariousGrey's Anatomyout there. Get your scalpels, it's go time!


The Starter Pack

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Everybody loves a good "starter pack" meme! They usually tend to be somewhat complex, especially if you're watching a TV show likeGame of ThronesorSupernatural. But the good thing about being a fan ofGrey's Anatomy is that you really don't need that much! Seriously, just a lifetime supply of tissues and coming to terms with the fact that everybody dies.

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In hindsight, perhaps some super glue to try and put together the pieces of our broken heart wouldn't be such a bad idea either. But that's a little too complex for simple fans who enjoy crying their eyes out. For now, let's keep it like this, and hope that fifteen seasons of pain have made us immune. Not.

The Stages Of Grey's Anatomy

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You know you're watching good television when your face changes expressions a lot. It's good to be so enveloped in an episode that takes complex storylines and enticing dialogue to a level where you feel a huge range of emotions in a short amount of time. Because let's be honest - that's not as frequent as one might hope!

ButGrey's Anatomydoes take it a step too further. As in, way too further when it comes to making audiences cry their eyes out. Seriously, not even the episode when they all got high on marijuana cookies was safe and sound. Nope, the tearjerking moments were still there, and boy did they hurt! As always. It's what one must endure if one is a fan.

I Cry, You Cry, Everybody Cries

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Who doesn't love some extremely relatable Amy Poehler? Memes that use screen captions and gifs from other shows and movies are honestly so pure. It's a beautiful way of bringing together fans and, of course, it's a brilliant vehicle to express emotions. And boy oh boy, do we have a lot of those every time we watchGrey's Anatomy.

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One might think that this is an exaggeration, because most of the time, memes are. But Grey's is probably the one show where memes about crying and being emotional are not enough to express just how much fans feel after watching an episode. Ten points for great acting and writing, minus a thousand for making us feel three years old again.

I'm A Surgeon Now

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Okay, raise your hand if you've never found yourself thinking about a career change after binge-watching a show. No one? Yes, that sounds absolutely correct. There's not a single soul out there who hasn't considered becoming a lawyer because ofSuitsor a demon hunter because ofSupernatural.That last one sounds less painful than Law school, to be honest.

Well, any long time fan ofGrey's Anatomyfeels like they can pretty much perform open-heart surgery at this point. And without needing a single hour of medical training! PSA though - we know how easy it is to feel like you can scrub up and stitch up a wound, but it isn't. Do not try this at home, just watchGrey's Anatomyinstead.

Why Shonda, Why?

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Anyone who's ever been committed to a television series, especially one that's been going on for a while, knows how easy it is to get salty about the writing. It doesn't matter if someone does something out of character, or dates an idiot, or dies. All of these things are grounds for fans to be seriously angry at the people responsible for these atrocities.

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Well, forGrey's Anatomy, that person is Shonda Rhimes. This woman is a creative genius, and she's the one we have to thank for keeping the show going for so many years. But still, did she really have to kill all of them? All of them?! That just sounds a little greedy and yes, fans are still salty about it.

It's Complicated

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There's probably not a funnier reaction imagine than the one above. It's literally one of the most used pictures in the history of memes, and for good reason. It just never gets old and there are so many uses for it, it's unbelievable. Of course, one of the best uses is to talk about movies and television series.

Grey's Anatomyhas been going on for a while. Fifteen years is no play for something that isn't a soap opera, so props to everyone involved. But you don't get to sixteen seasons without twisting and turning some stuff around. Trying to explain to someone all of the relatives, partners, and stories of the characters is exhausting. And complicated. But just bear with us, okay? Promise it's worth it!

You're A Fool

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You know wishful thinking is a powerful thing. Honestly, it can lead people to achieve great things, and we seriously advise you to do some research on it, because it can change a lot of aspects in your life for the better. However, it is not advisable to employ on things that are completely out of your control.


One of these things are the lives of the characters onGrey's Anatomy.Because listen clearly: it doesn't matter how much they have suffered, they will continue to suffer. This is how the show works friends, no use in crying about it. Okay, you can cry about it - we sure have. As a matter of fact, does anyone have some extra tissues?

Meredith Deserved Better

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(Video) Grey’s Anatomy: Hilarious Moments That Never Made It To The Show |🍿OSSA Movies

It's literally impossible to pinpoint a single person in the show that hasn't been through a lot of pain and suffering. Honestly, at times it's almost anecdotal how much these characters go through on a daily basis. Bad things happen, that's life. But is it really possible that so many horrible incidents can continuously happen to a single group of people?

And there's no one inGrey's Anatomywho has suffered as much as Meredith has. This woman went through seeing her mother wither away and die, she fell in love with a married man, she lost her sister, she lost her husband, her best friend moved away. We don't know how she's still standing, but it's probably not thanks to the writers.

Best. Thing. Ever.

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Yet another hilarious meme format that didn't escape the tight grip of theGrey's Anatomyfandom was the music player. It's been used for a variety of topics, from politics to celebrities. But as per usual, it was the people who thoroughly dedicate their lives to movies and TV shows who did some of the best variations.

Any fan of the show can relate to this. Yes, I will happily talk about myself, my hobbies, and my relationships. But honestly, can we just talk about Grey's Anatomy? Like seriously, I have at least 200 hours of content for you. I promise you won't be bored! You might cry a little, though.

I Will Literally Watch This Until The Day I Die

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Finalizing this list of hilarious memes is perhaps one of the best memes of them all - Evil Kermit! Aside from being so incredibly popular, this meme is also super relatable. Who amongst us doesn't have an evil inner saboteur that tries to convince us to do less than productive things? It's nothing to be ashamed of!

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And when it comes toGrey's Anatomy, let's face it - it doesn't matter how many new shows, with hundreds of awesome celebrities come out, nothing will ever compare to the peace and comfort of rewatchingGrey's. Preferably in a loop. Just don't forget your starter pack, and you should be good!



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