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Craftsman Collision

Address 1900 Main St, Vancouver, BC
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Phone +1 604-873-3358
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Craftsman Collision reviews


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28 August 2022 14:12

In the minute you walk in the door If you feel valued as a customer they understand your situation they're gonna restore your car back to pre accident condition highly recommend this body shop

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17 July 2022 22:09

In Dec 2021, my car was involved in a collision. I searched on the ICBC accredited places and came upon craftsman to work on my ford. However, I saw one bad review about them leaving a car dirty after it was returned and was quite hesitant on coming in and my other place that I was hoping to go to had a long queue for repairs. So I took the plunge and went with craftsman collision (Main Street) and when my car was returned, I was IMPRESSED. They provided me with top notch service and the interior came in cleaner than when I brought it in; I did not expect this because it was only supposed to be exterior work done to my vehicle. I have to give props to Catie for making this experience great!

Fast forward a few months later, there was a hit and run on my car; without hesitation I decided to go back to craftsman collision (Main Street) because I had such a great experience the first time. Jake and Sam are very knowledgeable and I have only good things to say about them. They also managed to provide me with a taxi ride back home after dropping my vehicle off and another taxi ride coming to pick up my car (private repair; not through ICBC).

I would recommend them (10/10) to anyone that needs auto body repairs!

P. S - if HQ is reading this, they deserve raises for representing craftsman collision the way they do!

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08 May 2022 14:26

I called and emailed as I was asked but didnt hear back. So I called again and the next person was very helpful. Got my car in for an estimate within a 10 days.

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17 August 2021 11:34

Dealing with craftsman collision main street was a great experience got to the job promptly and did it right would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a quality shop

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26 July 2021 13:37

Maij-lis was great and helped me out with a budgetary quote. Very understanding and patient, and gave some good advice. Definitely didn't try to upsell me on anything. I might not even do any repairs but was great to get a second opinion on the paint damage and glad it wasn't down to bare metal. A touch up pen might be the cost effective solution.

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15 June 2021 17:54

I have used Craftsman Collision a couple times and they have always provided great service and work. They even had my car ready two days early this time! Would highly recommend.

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15 May 2021 1:51

They were always courteous, professional and accommodating, which was so helpful in the aftermath of getting my car hit. They also gave my two young kids colouring books to occupy them while us adults did the boring stuff. I appreciate these little extra touches. Highly recommended.

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27 March 2021 0:13

I want to commend Craftsman, not just for their great workmanship but for their bigheartedness. My car was recently hit while parked, causing a misalignment in the front corner, driver's side and a big scratch. The coward took off without leaving a note. My insurance broker said I should file a police report, then go and ask the local businesses if they had video or witnessed the incident. I've used Craftsman before and was very impressed by their professionalism, so I decided to drop by there first to get their opinion. The employee who came out to take a look said it was a pretty easy fix and that they could re-align the front and buff out the scratch. Which they did -at No Charge! Not only that but they also fixed a slight misalignment at the back end-also free of charge. My car looks better than ever! Such kindness and neighbourliness is so rare these days (particularly in an industry that doesn't get high trust ratings). I cannot recommend Craftsman enough.

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24 March 2021 22:17

This team is excellent. They Rock!

I have used the shop previously with great results and now brought my wife’s vehicle in on a job the dealership had quoted as ballpark $1,000 to attend to a leak into the cabin from the sunroof and windshield well.

The craftsman Team had said it might take 2-3 hours. About $250-$300

When we went to pick the vehicle up late afternoon they walked us through the remedial work they did and how to try best to avoid our problem They had taken a section of the car apart and tested etc.

As I asked to settle up they said this one is on the house. Just can’t believe how friendly and attentive the team has been in the past and were today.

Ask for kiven or Chris they’ll look after you

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01 March 2021 1:46

I have taken my vehicle to Craftsman Collision a few times over the past 10 years, and I have always experienced professional, courteous staff, and the job completed beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend this business.

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23 September 2019 23:25

Alan and the staff were very helpful right when I entered the door and throughout the whole repair process and collecting my car back. Awesome people over there!

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15 August 2019 14:59

We had a small scratch at the rear side- they assessed it and were super honest. Alan was very friendly and did a free polish for us. This will be my go to place from now on!

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27 July 2019 15:18

Manager Alan Hoare and the friendly professional staff at Craftsman on Main Street consistently impress with outstanding quality service and great customer experience. I left my vehicle while I was out of town and picked it up on my return - repairs were seamless and the car was completely detailed. Thanks for taking the sting out of my damaged car!

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22 July 2019 18:52

This past month got an appointment and then left my Fiat 500 which had scratches on the drivers side. I was told that it might make sense to try and polish out the scratches rather than the expense of repainting the door. So that is what they did and miraculously the scratches went away. When I asked the cost they said there wasn't one. Now that was the best result one could possibly ask for.

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16 July 2019 14:18

These guys are pros. Their service is prompt and efficient. When I got my car back it had been detailed inside and out. Highly recommended.

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06 June 2019 0:31

I had a fantastic customer service experience with the Craftsman Collision team at Main St, and in particular Kievan. He went above & beyond providing great information, service and following up. I needed some paint work done, and it was a stellar job!

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al bee

18 May 2019 6:29

Alan the manger is terrible to deal with. Seemed totally distracted and disinterested in my business. I suspect that he looses a lot of business for what was a fine company many years ago.

Took in an ICBC claim repair form for $3532. He barely looked up when I walked in. He carefully reviewed the ICBC claim papers, asked when I needed the work done, to which I answered that I'm in no rush. He then went and sat down at his desk without any comment. After a minute I said I would like to do a walk around before booking. We viewed the damage and when I asked if the window molding is included he said an emphatic "No", as it looked like it was previously repaired incorrectly. I said then I'll go somewhere else. He just turned, walked away and with his back to me said "ok".

I called ICBC and they confirmed it reads Remove/Replace rear door molding as the molding would need to be removed and replaced when they painted the full door.

This guy is a horrible representative for Craftsman Collision. He threw away good business for no reason other than just being in a foul mood.

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28 May 2018 6:30

Took my car in for an ICBC claim, my car hasn't looked this good in years. They even took the time to pop in my front bumper free of charge, and were extremely responsive, friendly and EASY to deal with. Loaner car was great.

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08 May 2018 3:01

Recently had a vehicle accident and phoned everywhere to get my car fixed. Decided to take it the Craftsman Main St Location. Allan and his team were by far the top of their craft from the first phone call to the last hand shake. Highly recommend.

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16 April 2018 2:31

Just had a claim taken care of by this location. I was extremely happy with the quality of the repair and even more impressed with the quality of service. I take great pride in maintaining my truck and I felt they genuinely cared about getting it back to mint shape. I am especially thankful for the honest advice the service manager (Alan) gave and for the way his staff made the whole experience enjoyable. 5 STARS!

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