5 Best Steam Generator Irons (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (2023)

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Why do you need a steam generator iron?

5 Best Steam Generator Irons (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (1)

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If you are the person who is responsible for the regular chore of ironing in your home, you’ll benefit greatly from trading in your standard iron for a steam generated one. Additionally, if you find yourself performing several tasks such as dressmaking, or you work on drapes and tons of clothing items regularly, you would also benefit from purchasing a steam generator iron.

This type of iron is more powerful and gets better results every time. Ultimately, it cuts down your ironing time significantly, leaving you free to get on with other things!

Yet if you feel that you are in need of a simpler device to take care of your clothes, you should look at the topsteam irons review we have put together for your convinience.

Features to consider

There are many features to consider when you begin looking for a steam generator iron. Because of the full range of features almost every product offers, it’s undoubtedly worth checking what your preferred model can do for you before you make your final selection. Here is a list of the most important features explained, and what you should be looking at to get the best from the steam generator iron you choose.


The high wattage of your iron means an overall increased power offered in its performance. Those steam generator irons that offer 1800 watts will ultimately give a slightly better performance than those with lower wattage. Those irons with the higher watts available also ensure a quicker heat up time. This is often a key concept for those who don’t want to spend too long waiting for their iron to reheat each time. Selecting the highest wattage ensures that your waiting time in between each ironing session is minimized. However, it’s also worth noting here that the higher the wattage of your iron, the more electricity you will use in turn. If the cost of your power is of concern, look for the eco-friendlier model. The Hamilton Beach Professional Steam Generator Iron and, more so, the Rowenta DG8520 models both offer economic settings.

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Steam pressure and output

There are two simple ways of measuring steam pressure on a steam generator iron. The first is referred to as bar pressure. This is the number of bars used in the iron to generate steam pressure and the more bars the model has, the higher the overall steam produced is. An iron with more bars is, therefore, a more effective model.

The second way of measuring steam pressure is through its continuous steam output levels. This is what we call the grams per minute and is a simple way of measuring just how much steam capacity is produced every minute when using the iron. The higher your irons steam capacity, the shorter your ironing time will be because of this. A continued flow of steam output will encourage a more relaxed fabric which in turn allows you to remove creases easier.

Overall, the biggest advantage of a steam generator iron over that of a standard or traditional iron is the ability to produce a much more continuous steam output. The Hamilton Beach Professional Steam Generator Iron has a very impressive 5 bars, making it an excellent choice due to its fantastic ongoing steam output levels.

Water tank capacity

Equally important in a steam generator iron is its ability to hold a large amount of water. The larger the water tank capacity, the more ironing you can get through in one session without always having to walk back and forward to the sink to get a refill. The water tank and the heating element of these types of irons aren’t stored in the machine but rather in its separate base unit. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the weight of your iron when filling it up because you won’t be working with water in the iron which you hold in your hand.

5 Best Steam Generator Irons (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (3)

The Hamilton Beach Professional Steam Generator Iron offers customers a substantial water tank capacity. At 60.9 oz. to be filled, this iron is indeed capable of holding more than enough water for the job at hand throughout each ironing session.

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The material used on your steam generator iron’s soleplate will usually consist of stainless steel or ceramic in its makeup. The whole point of the soleplate is to ensure the most natural ironing experience when ironing over the fabric beneath it.

Those irons with a ceramic soleplate are the better choices as ceramic is scratch resistant. This means you should get a smoother glide as a result. The Ariete By Delonghi of Italy Duetto 6437 has a ceramic plate and is claimed to offer a smoother ironing process because of this.

Many steam generator irons have a stainless-steel soleplate as standard. Though these are considered to offer a smooth gliding process as well, they are deemed less durable than ceramic soleplates.

There are then some irons which may offer other types of soleplates such as aluminum or non-stick soleplates. If the feel of the irons glide is especially important to you, you may want to double check what type of soleplate it offers beforehand.

Heating time

Stream generator irons are well known for their ability to reach their maximum temperature much quicker than that of standard and traditional irons. This heating time can make all the difference to your ironing experience, especially if you find yourself having to wait around to get started.

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However, the heating time also refers to the time it takes in between each iron to repeatedly reach its maximum temperature. With most of these types of irons offering around just three minutes in total, all the above-reviewed products will ensure you aren’t kept waiting. However, if heating time is of the essence for you, the Rowenta DG7530 may be your better buy here, as it can offer an impressive two minutes total heating time!


If you are going to be paying out a considerable amount of money for one of these machines, you will want to ensure your purchase has some form of back up. Considering that steam generator irons aren’t perhaps the cheapest of iron types to purchase, you are looking at around the $200 mark for a decent model.

Most irons will offer some form of warranty, but you may need to check beforehand whether it meets your expectations. What should be considered here is the possible cost of having to get this more extensive of products fixed or replaced should anything go wrong once you own it.

Those models offering a warranty period are the better options here if you want to take advantage of longer guarantee terms. All these reviewed products offer a limited warranty in the form of one or even three years in total. However, the Ariete By Delonghi of Italy Duetto 6437 gives customers a one-year limited warranty alongside a lifetime boiler tank warranty. So, it’s worth taking the time to have a look at what each company provides on their product regarding warranty.

Extra features

5 Best Steam Generator Irons (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (4)

Finally, it’s also worth making a note of any additional or extra features that you may want to find in your steam generator iron. This could mean anything such as extended cord length and auto switch-off, to things such as cleaning equipment offered, any extra built-in options to your machine or even the ability to steam vertically. Some customers also like to look for those benefits such as more ergonomically designed irons, for example, those with wider or selected materials in their handles for ongoing comfort.

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Each of these reviewed steam generator irons certainly offers a specific extra feature in their product, meaning plenty to choose from if you want your iron to stand out from the rest.

How to take care of your steam generator iron?

Because a steam generator iron is a bulkier and heavier product, when compared to a traditional iron, you will need to pay more attention to its overall care. How and where you store your iron is crucial, and you may need to plan carefully where to keep it when it’s not in use. Most of these products take up quite a bit of room and can’t always be stored away in a cupboard as easily as those traditional of irons.

Additionally, these types of irons will need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that their steam output remains at its peak and they can deliver the same performance as when you first bought them. Cleaning your iron will also provide a longer lifespan. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your model and, most importantly, descale your steam generator iron, and make sure to do this regularly.


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