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ConsumersAdvocate.orgRating: 3.7 / 5 (Very good)

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Two Men and a Truck is a professional moving company offering full home and business relocation and packing services for long-distance or local moves of any size. As of 2017, the company has expanded both domestically and internationally to incorporate over 350 worldwide locations, including branches in 42 states, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

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Overall Rating: 3.7 / 5 (Very good)

Two Men and a Truck has grown rapidly from its humble beginnings, and is today the largest franchised moving company in the United States, with offices in 42 states and three foreign countries. The company offers local and long-distance moving, packing, and storage. Due to its franchise structure, the reputation of the company as a whole is difficult to ascertain.

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Services Offered - 3.6 / 5

Two Men and a Truck offers local and long-distance moves for individuals and businesses. Customers can track their shipments in real time via the company's GPS system. The company also offers packing and unpacking services, as well as storage.


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Two Men and a Truck has been in business for over 30 years and today has 354 franchise locations in 42 states, Canada, the UK, and Ireland. It is the country's largest franchised moving company, with a stellar reputation built up over its decades of experience. Dozens of its franchisees are listed with the BBB, but since the company works on a franchise model, there isn't a BBB rating for the company as a whole. The company does not have a presence on TrustPilot.

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Fleet Details

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Fleet - 3.8 / 5

Since Two Men and a Truck is a franchise operation, no hard data is available regarding the size of its fleet. However, the company claims to have 2,300 trucks at its disposal, a considerable amount.

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(800) 345-1070

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3400 Belle Chase Way, Lansing, MI, 48911

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3400 Belle Chase Way, Lansing, MI, 48911

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30 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Do NOT hire Two Men and a Truck in Columbus Ohio! They are careless and dishonest. They refused to put the plastic covers I had purchased on my mattress and box springs to help protect them during the move. They were careless and I found a major tear on the underside of the mattress. The movers denied that they tore it of course. I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and talked with an attorney because this matter will probably end up in court. If you value your belongings, you will not want to hire this company.




I contacted this company for moving from Port Charlotte FL to Little Rock AR (1070 mi). It is moving from storage unit of 750 cubic ft to garage in house. 80% packed boxes and couple items like recliner chair and rocking chair. No dragging it from house, no putting them to the rooms, no disassembly, no reassembly, no wrapping, no padding. It also included Harley motorcycle with additional 150 cubic ft space. I had some quotation from $4k to $6K and wanted to see how much a low cost service would quote for this project. The woman responding to my call without asking more too many details provided ballpark quote of $10 to $11K. So much for the low cost moving. Beware of this scam.



Moved me 2 years ago, still wouldn't trust them to move my dog poop.



My parents hired Two Men and a Truck to pack and move their house; the packers they sent spent more time smoking than actually packing, and left the house stinking of marijuana, and when my parents complained, they basically abandoned the job. Then, when the movers arrived, they failed to move quite a bit of their furniture -- including dressers, lamps, shelves (they moved the book cases, but left the shelves), chairs, etc. They've left my parents without any place to reasonably stay!In the past I've been quite happy with Two Men and a Truck, but after this experience I would firmly encourage everyone to look elsewhere!



I used Two Men and a Truck, located at 840 Victory Drive in Howell Michigan and won't use them again. I've used this company multiple times and found them to be decent - until this time. The movers arrived at 9:15 am and did not finish until 11 pm. They moved my elderly aunt to a two bedroom apartment, and many of the items had been moved already; this was not a large move. They were supposed to pack her up, but left 3 carloads of items that we had to haul-including dishes from the kitchen cabinets! They spent 4 hours packing less than half a china cabinet (56-plates and bowls and 24 goblets; not even 1/4 full) and used my aunt's bubble wrap because they didn't bring any. They stood... Read More



We used 2 Men & A Truck for the 3rd time today (9-15-21) and it will be the last time. We had great service on all 3 moves but our 3rd move was across a state line… by less than 100 yards, and they said they charged me a flat rate. Well the estimate was for 3 men, 1 truck estimated at 4.75 hours. It took the 3 guys less than 2.5 hours because we had many of our item shrink wrapped and quilted and reduced the items to be loaded on the truck. When I tipped the workers the driver said unfortunately we have to charge you the full rate of $951.25 because it was across state lines… remind you it was less than 100 yards and it took them half the time to move the items and we even reduced the... Read More



Out of the stockbridge ga franchise…. Arrived an hour and a half late. Did not wear masks, did not have mattress covers as specifically quoted over the phone when setting up the reservations. The young men had no moving straps, just a dolly and scratched my newly painted walls. The team lead told us the operating mgr took the moving straps off the truck and that while they charge hourly him and his team can move us on the side with their own company for a flat rate. In addition they asked us the homeowners to go to the store and buy them Gatorade? What the heck is going on here? These are supposed to be professional movers.

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I used this company to unload a truck that was packed by a different moving company. They were careful, quick and affordable had no issues. Hired them again to move me across town and that's when the issues began. They do not have large trucks. They do not tell you this when you send them a list of your items. They will do a second run. But don't bother to tell yo that. You are then calling every friend you know who as a truck to take the rest of your belongings. You call the office and they inform you they will do a second run if they misquote the amount needed to be moved. But your friends truck is loaded down and they haven't even started unloaded your things yet. They were... Read More

Jim T


DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT hire these folks to do your move, particularly the franchise in Grand Junction, Colorado. They did thousands of dollars of damage to our belongings. They lost items, DROPPED expensive pieces of furniture, did not have or provide covers for mattresses, bounced our washing machine down the stairs, etc., etc., etc. Then, they would not respond to calls, emails, or certified mail. They told us that our belongings would be covered for full value, but at the end of the day reneged on that, saying that the document that was signed on a tablet, in the sun, after the move, stated differently. They said they would replace the missing glass shelving for one of... Read More



this company is worst ,3 weeks ago they moved a piano to shelburne from brampton and did some major damage to the wood floor... now no-one from this company wants to help.. by rights they should replace the entire floor.They want to send someone to fix but only problem is they want to charge me $150.00.. i have pictures, i would never advise anyone to use this company again. what customer service ...

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Our Partner

178 Reviews

  • Specialized in Long-Distance Moving Services
  • $400 Discount For Interstate Moves
  • Free, Instant Moving Estimates
  • 30 Days Of Free Storage With Free Re-Delivery
  • Free Disassembly And Re-Assembly Of All Furniture
  • 10% Early Reservation Discounts (30 Days Advance Notice)
  • Discounts Available For AARP, AAA, Military, and Students


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How do I know if a moving company is reputable? ›

Search to see if a mover is certified by the American Moving & Storage Association, and also check the Better Business Bureau and other online directories.

What day is cheapest to hire movers? ›

What's the Cheapest Day of the Week to Move? The short answer to this question is that it's cheaper to move on a weekday — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Simply put, most moving companies offer better rates during the week because they aren't as busy then.

How much do you tip a mover? ›

How Much to Tip Movers. A good rule of thumb is 15 to 20 percent of the total moving bill for both a typical long-haul or a local move.

How much Does TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Cost local? ›

How much does Two Men and a Truck cost? A: Cost varies depending on the scope of your move and by location. The company's rates are competitive with other moving companies, which charge on average $80 to $100 an hour for local movers and $2,000 to $5,000 total for long-distance moves.

What are the things needed to be avoided when choosing a moving company? ›

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Professional Movers
  • Choosing the movers with the lowest price. ...
  • Not checking with the Better Business Bureau. ...
  • Not giving movers an inventory of unusual or large pieces you may have. ...
  • Not asking about hidden fees or extra charges. ...
  • Not planning ahead.
Apr 15, 2021

How do you not get scammed by a moving company? ›

Check online for reviews with the BBB and Google to be sure that they have a history of customer service success. Document Everything. After delivery, you have nine months to report any problems to the moving company and file a written claim for loss or damage to your belongings.

How far in advance should I book movers? ›

Ideally, you'll want to reserve at least two months before your move date, but 12 weeks is recommended for moves during busier times (like around holidays). To be safe, go ahead and book as soon as you have most of the details figured out.

What is the easiest and cheapest way to move? ›

The cheapest way to move is usually to use one of the best moving container companies. It can save you thousands of dollars compared to full-service movers. Surprisingly, moving containers are even more affordable than rental trucks if you're moving coast-to-coast.

What is a reasonable price for a local move? ›

On average, movers charge between $25 to $50 per mover, per hour for local moves. So, a two-person team working for four hours will cost a minimum of $200 to $400, just for labor. But keep in mind that other expenses will be incurred as well, like transportation fees, materials and gas.

Is it OK not to tip movers? ›

Remember that tipping movers is not mandatory. It may be customary and polite, but if you have a bad experience, there's nothing wrong with not tipping. You can consider adjusting how much to tip movers or not tipping if they: Show up late.

Is $25 a good tip for movers? ›

A good rule of thumb is to tip between $15 and $25 per person for moves requiring up to 4 hours of time. If it takes longer to move than 4 hours, you should tip between $35 and $45 per person. In addition, you should consider tipping extra if the movers have to deal with a heavy piano or another specialty item.

Is $100 a good tip for movers? ›

No matter the size of your move, it's almost always a good idea to tip your movers. Tipping between $50 and $100 per crew member for a full-day, larger move is a good place to start. A $20 to $30 tip for each crew member is standard for smaller, local moves that take less time.

Which moving company is the cheapest? ›

Best cheap moving companies
  • Penske Truck Rental—Cheapest long-distance moves.
  • Budget Truck Rental—Cheapest local moves.
  • TaskRabbit—Cheapest moving labor.
  • Zippy Shell—Cheapest moving containers.
  • International Van Lines—Best full-service mover.

Does TWO MEN AND A TRUCK disassemble beds? ›

Yes, Two Men and a Truck can disassemble furniture for you, but it will add time to your hourly rate. We suggest that you do as much as possible before the movers arrive to your home.

How long has TWO MEN AND A TRUCK been in business? ›

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® started in the early 1980s as a way for two brothers to make extra money while they were in high school. Now, more than 35 years later, the company has grown to more than 380 locations worldwide.

What to watch out for when hiring a moving company? ›

12 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Hiring a Moving Company
  • They're not properly licensed. ...
  • They're not insured. ...
  • They give you a too good to be true estimate. ...
  • They don't offer valuation coverage. ...
  • They only offer non-binding estimates. ...
  • The moving reviews are bad. ...
  • Customers have filed complaints with the BBB or FMCSA.
May 4, 2018

What are 5 common problems in moving items? ›

Here's a list of 8 common problems and one great tip about how you can make moving easier.
  • Accidents. ...
  • Damages. ...
  • Packing materials. ...
  • Specialised handling. ...
  • Disassembly and reassembly. ...
  • Insurance. ...
  • Loading the truck. ...
  • Traffic.
Jan 16, 2023

What are 4 things you should do before you move in? ›

Moving Checklist
  • Make an inventory of everything to be moved. ...
  • Sort out and donate any unwanted clothing or furniture. ...
  • Have a garage sale or list them online to get rid of unwanted items. ...
  • Start collecting moving supplies like boxes and newspaper for wrapping. ...
  • Submit a change of address form to your post office.

Why do movers ask for cash? ›

But, it is not uncommon for moving companies to ask for a deposit of some kind. Even established, reputable, and honest companies will sometimes ask for deposits up front. This is because when you hire a moving company, you reserve a date, and they are setting aside their workers and their time to help you out.

Should you pay movers upfront? ›

You generally pay upon delivery. However, there may be a situation when the mover asks you to pay a little amount as a deposit to book the company. Most companies will ask that you pay the movers after unloading your goods at the delivery point. This is actually the standard in the industry.

How do you trust a moving company? ›

Top 10 Tips on How to Find a Mover You Can Trust
  1. Ask Family & Friends for Recommendations. ...
  2. Confirm They're a Mover, NOT a Broker. ...
  3. Research the Moving Company (Who Are They?) ...
  4. Consult Federal & State Resources. ...
  5. Verify the Mover is Licensed and Insured. ...
  6. Reviews Matter – Check Them Out. ...
  7. Visit Their Office to Meet Them in Person.

What should you not do with movers? ›

DONT Surprise the Movers
  1. Offer Refreshments. Show your appreciation to the movers by offering them some refreshments. ...
  2. Avoid Telling Them What To Do. ...
  3. Valuable Items Should be Kept in your Car. ...
  4. Keep Kids and Pets Away from the Movers. ...
  5. Always Double-Check. ...
  6. Clean. ...
  7. Make Sure Movers Have Hassle-Free Access. ...
  8. Stay Out of Their Way.
Mar 16, 2021

What should you not send with movers? ›

See the following moving checklist so you're aware of what these items are and can strategize about what to do with them before the movers arrive.
Potentially Dangerous Items
  1. Gasoline.
  2. Oxygen bottles.
  3. Lighter fluid.
  4. Matches.
  5. Propane cylinders.
  6. Nail polish remover.
  7. Paints and paint thinners.
  8. Fireworks.

Can you negotiate with a mover? ›

Once you have multiple estimates, you can use those to negotiate with the mover you like best, by letting them know the lowest bid you received and asking if they can beat it. Moving companies may charge fees for a variety of often-unexpected things.

What is the cheapest month to move? ›

Scheduling your move from late September to April will save you the most money. This window of time avoids peak moving season in the summer as well as the high demand for movers in the fall, up to early September. This is when college students and renters move out because their semesters and leases end.

What is the quickest way to move? ›

How to Move Quickly: 10 Tips for a Last Minute Moving
  1. Start with the logistics. ...
  2. Make a plan for your move. ...
  3. Think beyond boxes. ...
  4. Get rid of the things you don't need. ...
  5. Hire a junk removal company. ...
  6. Set up a packing station. ...
  7. Put together a moving essentials bag. ...
  8. Don't think, pack.
Mar 10, 2022

How can I save the most money on my move? ›

10 Genius Ways To Save Money On A Move
  1. Estimate the Cost. Online moving calculators are a great way to help gauge approximately how much your move should cost. ...
  2. Avoid Buying Supplies. ...
  3. Host a Sale. ...
  4. Utilize Media Mail. ...
  5. Establish a Plan B. ...
  6. Don't Pick the Lowest Bidding Movers. ...
  7. Pack Strategically. ...
  8. Cancel Your Utilities.
Nov 2, 2022

What is the average cost of a local move for a 3 bedroom house? ›

Average cost to move a three-bedroom house

Moving a three-bedroom house is likely to cost you between $600 and $1,000 if you're making a local move. This average is based on a moving weight of 10,000 pounds and doesn't include extra services, like packing and unpacking.

How many miles is considered a local move? ›

Local moves are among the most common moves. Unlike a long-distance move, a local move is typically less than 50 miles and does not cross state lines. Generally, a local move only takes one day, and movers tend to charge by the hour. The definition of a long-distance move may vary depending on the moving company.

How do you budget for a new move? ›

Eight Steps for Creating the Ultimate Moving Budget
  1. Step 1: Take inventory. ...
  2. Step 2: Do your research. ...
  3. Step 3: Decide when and where you want to move. ...
  4. Step 4: Put money aside for everyday expenses. ...
  5. Step 5: Find ways to save and earn money. ...
  6. Step 6: Have an emergency fund. ...
  7. Step 7: Factor in additional costs.
Oct 16, 2019

Is $20 enough to tip movers? ›

A general guideline is to tip $10 minimum per mover for a half-day (four hours) of service, or $20 for a full-day (eight hours) of service. Of course, most homeowners adjust this tip based on the quality of service, relocation distance, and difficulty of the move.

Am I supposed to help movers? ›

You may feel compelled to help the movers since it often feels odd to watch people work around you—especially with your things—without contributing. But most movers prefer that you stay out of the way and tackle other moving-related tasks so they can finish the job as quickly as possible.

How do movers pack clothes? ›

For the clothes in your closet, movers will typically provide wardrobe boxes, which are tall boxes that have a hanger bar across the top. While the movers are loading your other pre-packed boxes and furniture onto the truck, you can quickly hang all your clothes within the wardrobe boxes.

Do you tip movers before or after? ›

You tip local movers when they load and unload. On the other hand, you typically give long-distance movers a gratuity only at the end of your move.

Do movers expect a tip? ›

Because tips are not mandatory during the moving process, it's up to you to decide the right amount. You may choose to tip your movers a flat rate or to give them a percentage of the total moving cost. A general rule of thumb is to tip $4 to $5 per hour per mover or to tip between 5 and 10% of the total move cost.

Do you tip movers when they load or unload? ›

You can choose to tip at the end of both workdays or give an entire tip after the job is completed. If you're hiring local crews at each end of a long-distance move and you decide to tip, consider tipping one crew after loading and the other when they finish unloading.

Do you tip movers each day? ›

Daily tips usually range from $20 per mover for smaller moves to $40-$60 per mover for larger and more complex moves,” Lyons continues. “For cross-country and multi-day moves, we recommend similar daily amounts. If your crew is with you all day, providing drinks or lunch is also very much appreciated.”

Do you tip movers on both ends? ›

Like going to a restaurant and tipping your server, moving is a service where it is customary to tip your movers. Typically, gratuity is 15-20% of the total price of your move. However, when hiring long distance movers, you will need to tip to both moving crews.

Is $200 a good tip for movers? ›

A tip of 5 to 10 percent is often recommended, and this amount should be given to the entire moving team via the foreman. For example, if you've paid $2000 for your moving services, consider tipping anywhere from $100 to $200.

Who has the best prices for moving trucks? ›

What is the cheapest moving truck rental company? Budget Truck Rental has the best overall prices and really shines for local moves while Penske Truck Rental has the cheapest rates for one-way moves. U-Haul is your go-to company for low insurance costs.

Who has the best prices on long distance moving? ›

Top 10 Cheap Moving Companies of 2023
  • International Van Lines: Best Overall Full-Service Mover.
  • Interstate Moving & Relocation Group: Most Efficient.
  • American Van Lines: Most Experienced Moving Labor.
  • Moving APT: Best Customer Service.
  • Safeway Moving Inc.: Most Customer-Oriented.
Feb 3, 2023

How much does it cost to move a $1 000 sq ft house? ›

The costs associated with moving a house

The labor cost of moving a house often starts at about $14 per square foot. That doesn't take into account other costs, such as building a new foundation and permitting. The total cost of moving a home ranges from as little as $15,000 all the way to $200,000.

Do you tip 2 men and a truck? ›

That can add a good amount to the final bill. Tips: You aren't required to tip, and the movers won't ask for one. But it is generally considered customary to tip movers $4-5 per person for each hour of work of the move, especially for a job well done.

How much does TWO MEN AND A TRUCK cost local? ›

The size of your move and scope of work affect price, but generally moves over 100 miles will cost $2,000 to $5,000 , or $0.50 per pound with the leading local mover Two Men and a Truck.

Do movers put your bed together? ›

Most professional moving companies will assemble your furniture after unloading it from the truck and getting it inside of your space. However, never assume that this is the case with your movers.

Where is the headquarters of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK? ›

Who bought TWO MEN AND A TRUCK? ›

"TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is an excellent addition to the ServiceMaster Brands portfolio," said Elane Stock, CEO of ServiceMaster Brands.

How big is 2 men and a truck? ›

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is an American franchised moving company, headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, with franchises in 46 U.S. states, as well as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland. The company is the largest franchised moving company in the United States with more than 350 franchised locations worldwide.

What to look out for when using a moving company? ›

Here are the 7 things you should always consider when you're looking for a moving company.
  • Recommendations from people you trust. ...
  • Good reviews. ...
  • A successful track record. ...
  • License and insurance. ...
  • Transparent rates. ...
  • A good fit for your individual needs. ...
  • Beware of rogue movers.
Feb 26, 2018

What should I look for in a moving company contract? ›

Your contract may look a bit different, but it should always include the features overviewed below.
  • Description of Services. This is typically the first section that you'll see in a moving contract. ...
  • Scope of Services. ...
  • Payment. ...
  • Term. ...
  • Confidentiality. ...
  • Other Moving Contract Terms You Should Know. ...
  • Need to Hire Movers?
Jan 6, 2020

How do I know if my packers and movers are real? ›

How to verify Packers and Movers Genuineness?
  1. Take written quotes from multiple movers.
  2. Never be in a hurry to finalize one.
  3. Avoid exceptionally low-cost quotes.
  4. Check company registration.
  5. Check company history.
  6. Discuss important questions.
  7. Read Reviews and Ratings.
  8. Check paperwork wisely.

How far in advance should you call a moving company? ›

Ideally, you'll want to reserve at least two months before your move date, but 12 weeks is recommended for moves during busier times (like around holidays). To be safe, go ahead and book as soon as you have most of the details figured out.

Do movers ask for money up front? ›

Most legitimate moving companies will only ask for a small down payment up front. In fact, many movers don't even ask for a down payment at all—instead, you simply pay upon delivery. A company that asks for a significantly higher down payment is likely to be a scam.

What are the most important things to do when moving? ›

Keep reading to discover more useful tips to make your move easier and less stressful.
  • Print or Draw a Map of Your New Home. ...
  • Start Sorting Through Your Things Early On. ...
  • Start Packing Well in Advance. ...
  • Make a List for Every Room. ...
  • Pack a Box of Essentials for Moving Day. ...
  • Check In With Your Moving Company.

What to expect when a moving company packs for you? ›

Here's what you can expect a professional mover to do for you:
  • Supply packing materials. You shouldn't have to buy boxes, tape, or packing material unless you decide to pack some items before the movers arrive.
  • Pack. ...
  • Disassemble furniture. ...
  • Load and unload. ...
  • Unpack. ...
  • Dispose of the waste.
Apr 9, 2021

What should I do 2 weeks before moving house? ›

2 weeks until moving day
  1. Pack all your non-essentials, including clothes not needed immediately.
  2. Arrange for the forwarding of your post with Royal Mail.
  3. Inform any local services, such as milkmen and newspaper deliveries, of your move.
  4. Give out address cards for family and friends with your new details.

What should I do a week before moving? ›

1 Week Before Moving Day
  1. Setup utilities at the new house. ...
  2. Check the forecast for moving day. ...
  3. Begin defrosting the fridge and freezer. ...
  4. Make a checklist for your house cleanup. ...
  5. Take outgoing photos or video. ...
  6. Pack everything except your “go boxes.” Everything should be packed by now, with no exceptions.
Jun 11, 2022

Do movers prefer boxes or bags? ›

Using bags, not boxes.

People will often fill up trash bags with miscellaneous stuff during last-minute packing. When big furniture pieces are packed next to a bunch of trash bags, the furniture has more room to shift. A shifting load can cause major damage. Always use heavy-duty boxes to keep the load tight!

Which Packer Mover is best? ›

  1. Magicbricks - Best Packers and Movers in India. Providing the highest standard of relocation services at the best price in the market. ...
  2. Agarwal Packers and Movers. One of the leading and best packers and movers in India. ...
  3. DTC Cargo Packers & Movers. ...
  4. NoBroker. ...
  5. Urban Relocations Packers & Movers.
Jan 10, 2023

Do packers and movers dismantle bed? ›

Yes, NoBroker packers and movers in bangalore can dismantle and assemble beds and other furniture without any extra cost.


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